Photographing Bubbles

I love bubbles. I love making all sorts of gizmos for bubble wands. I love experimenting with bubble solutions. Our grandson has a little bubble blowing machine. I was so enchanted with it I had to purchase one for myself — to share with my grand chickabiddies, of course.

Imagine my delight when I saw some of these bubble pictures on Flickr.

Click here to see lots more gorgeous and interesting photos of bubbles.

This got my grandma brain a-thinkin’.

Spend a wonderful afternoon with an older grandchild taking pictures of bubbles! First, look at the pictures on Flickr to give you some ideas of what is possible. Talk with your grandchild to determine what you want to do. Decide a place to take your pictures and then go out and have lots of fun.

Your results will vary depending on the age of the grandchild and depending on the camera.

But, sure as shootin’ you’ll have a great time taking pictures.

Have you ever tried photographing bubbles before? How successful were you?

4 thoughts on “Photographing Bubbles

  • Susan Adcox

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I imagine it would be challenging! However, with digital photography, it doesn’t cost anything to try. The last image would require a really fast shutter speed, I imagine, and a click at just the right time. Grandmothers could try it themselves first to make sure that it wouldn’t be too frustrating for the grands. (You can also get some great photos of the grands blowing bubbles, or let them take some of you.)

  • DigiGram Post author

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m amazed that non-grandmothers read my site!

    While I did mention that the results would vary according to the age and ability of the grandchild, I do appreciate your insight into this activity. So, grandmothers, please take note!

  • Jennifer

    I’m not a grandma but I am currently studying photography at Carroll University. I just wanted to add that photos like this can be very challenging to capture for even very experienced photographers. I have tried with very poor results (so far, still trying). I just think that having such high expectations might disappoint the kids. In a small way it’s like showing them the Mona Lisa and then telling them their painting will look like that. I just know kids get disappointed if things don’t meet their expectations. I am sorry if this seems like criticism, I don’t mean it to be! I think photographing with children is great! They see things in a very unique way and photography is a wonderful way to capture that! But maybe starting them off with an easier shot would work better, or just letting them shoot whatever interests them.

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