Picture Collage Maker — A Great Software

The Picture Collage Maker from Pearl Mountain is a great software to make picture collages. And the cool thing is that is is cheap to buy and easy and fun to use.Crikey! My little technology heart is all a-flutter!

Those folks at PearMountain Technology sure know how to turn my knees to jelly. All they have to do is come out with a new software that is easy and fun to use and I end up spending hours upon hours playing with it. That software is called Picture Collage Maker.

Wanna make a photo collage? Check.

Wanna make a calendar? Check.

Wanna make a poster, greeting card, anniversary card, Christmas card, a photo book, scrapbook page, or even a label for a DVD? Check, check, check, check, check, check, and check.

They’ve got you covered. And that is only an eensy-teensy bit of all of the fun you can have with their software.

Take a look at some of the things that I created. (Note in the first picture, our canoe is in dry dock… but that didn’t stop my pajama-wearing grandson from wanting to paddle in it first thing in the morning!)

Let's go canoeing!

Let’s go canoeing!

My sweet grandkiddos! Don't you love my sunglasses wearin' grandson?

My sweet grandkiddos! Don’t you love my sunglasses wearin’ grandson?

What a fun comic page!

What a fun comic page!

Make a calendar in just a few clicks!

Make a calendar in just a few clicks!

Cards are simple to make, too.

Cards are simple to make, too.

Cute grandkids in their Halloween costumes.

Cute grandkids in their Halloween costumes.

Make a holiday themed picture.

Make a holiday themed picture.

Lest you think this software is difficult to use, lemme give you a little technology quiz to determine your competency.

Can you: A). click B). drag your mouse C). scroll through your pictures D). make decisions?

If you can answer yes to three out of the four above questions, you’ve got the necessary technology skills. (The hardest part is deciding which pictures to use, which project to do, what colors, textures, and backgrounds to use. Decisions will be your bugaboo — not the software!)

You can make a master creation yourself. Or, you could spend time with a grandchild making collages together. Maybe you could buy the software for an older grandchild — and a copy for yourself.

You could send your collage to a distant grandchild as a way to share pictures — and your love!

After you create your collage, you can print it up, send it to Facebook, save as a PDF, set it as your computer desktop picture, or send it to your sweet grandchild through e-mail. (Here’s that pesky decision making process raising it’s ugly head again!)

I give this software 2 thumbs up — and all of the rest of my digits both fingers and toes! It makes me giddy with technology glee.

And, do you know what is super cool? PearlMountain Technology is giving a 70% discount off their normal price. Woot!

It regularly sells for $29.90 which in itself is a great price. But through November 5, you can get it for only $8.97.

Did you see that price? For less than a pair of shoes or a ticket to a movie (if it isn’t the dollar show), you can get a fabulous software program.

So hurry and scurry over to http://www.picturecollagesoftware.com/promotion/halloween.html and get your copy now.

Go on! Skeedaddle. I’m not going to write anything else. Really. I’m not.

Stop reading right this very second and go get it.

You’ll be glad you did!


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