Preserving Family History for Your Grandchildren

Take time to draw your family around you and share your ancestors' stories to help your kids connect with their ancestors.Yesterday we celebrated Veterans Day.  My thoughts were on my father who enlisted in the Marine corps during WW II when he graduated from high school.  That turned out to be just a few months before the war ended.  This was a blessing for us.  If he had enlisted a little bit earlier, he might have been in the forces that landed on Iwo Jima.  Thank goodness, he wasn’t.

Yesterday, I watched a powerful video called A Pittance of Time.  It got me thinking about the responsibility that we grandparents have to our grandchildren in preserving the memories, the stories, and the histories of our family members — especially of those who have served in our country’s military.  The numbers of the World War II veterans are slowly diminishing.  This great loss to their families could be compounded if their experiences are not captured and written down.

I know that for many it is difficult to talk about those experiences.  My heart goes out to them for all of the horrors that they experienced.  Hopefully, through kindness and softness from family members, they may decide to share their experiences for their posterity.

This sharing of experiences is vital regardless of which war our veterans have fought in.  Family members will treasure those stories forever.  I strongly encourage all of you grandmothers to reach out to the veterans in your family to see if their stories are written down.  If they aren’t, see if there is a way for you to capture those stories.

Then, in a quiet moment, draw your grandchildren around and tell them these stories.  Help them to understand the sacrifice and commitment that was given in serving our country.  Help your grandchildren learn their heritage of what their family has done to keep America free.

Here is A Pittance of Time.  It lasts 5 minutes but has a powerful message.  You might want to share it with your grandchildren.