Printable Nativity Scene

Make this charming nativity set with your children in less than half-an-hour. Free printable.I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Mine was enjoyable, productive, and restful. (I slept in until 9:00 a.m. one morning — something that I NEVER do unless I’m sick. I wasn’t sick but I stayed up until midnight the night before playing games with family.)

I’ve been thinking about grandchildren who do not live nearby.  (Hugs and kisses to Spencer, Kaylissa, Xander, and Natalie!)

I want to do a Christmas craft with them — but they live far away . . .

Here’s a little nativity set that you can print up and send to your far away grandchildren. Since it is flat and just paper, it wouldn’t be expensive to mail this nativity activity to your grandchildren. (Nativity activity — say THAT fat 7 times!)

These figures are easy to make. After they are printed and cut out, you simple cut up a cardboard tube (toilet paper or paper towel) into one inch rings and glue a figure onto a ring.

You get a cardboard box for the manger. Glue raffia to the bottom for ‘straw.’ Glue on the star. Place the figures. And you are done! That’s it.

I bet your grandkids could whip this out in less than 30 minutes. (If you’re like me, finding a box will be the hardest part!)

You could send the box and the raffia, too, if you want. It just depends on what you want to do. If you sent everything, the mom might appreciate it. It would save her time finding a box and raffia.

Here’s to the start of a joyous Christmas season1

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