Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

printable Thanksgiving place cards on Grandma IdeasImagine: It’s Thanksgiving Day. People have started arriving. They are hungry. Milling around. You’re busy in the kitchen.

What can you have your grandchildren do that will help you out and keep them busy (and happy) until it’s time to eat?

Why–  have them make place cards!

Here are links to some that you can print out ahead of time.

Then when your grandchildren arrive, simply have them cut out the place cards, write family members’ names on the cards, and place the cards around the table. That’s doable, isn’t it?  That’s what I thought.

Using Thanksgiving style place cards adds to the theme of your table setting and decoration.  Makes your table look festive. And keeps grandchildren busy.

That’s a winning combination if you ask me . . .

If you have had your grandchildren make place cards for Thanksgiving, please post a comment and share your ideas!

Thanks for sharing!

2 thoughts on “Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

  • DigiGram Post author


    Pumpkeys! I love it!!! What a clever idea. I’ll have to add that to my collection of things to do at Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for sharing. (I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday.)

  • Donne Davis

    I had the same idea. And you’re right, it is a win-win situation! I found some cute printable place cards with turkeys and acorns for my 2 granddaughters to cut out while I cooked. They loved printing every person’s name on their place card, too.
    Those lucky girls also did a fun project with their Daddy. They made “pumpkeys” out of small homegrown pumpkins by gluing on construction paper tail feathers, head and red wattle. Then they glued Popsicle sticks on the bottom with construction paper feet glued to the stick.

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