Watch this funny movie about what grandkids say about retiring.My home is on 2 acres of land. When we bought it, it was just an alfalfa field.

My husband and I have landscaped about 3/4 of it. That translates to lots of yard to maintain and make look nice. (Read that to mean weed-free, lawn cut, etc., etc., etc.)

We have lived here 26 years. In the early years, I spent hours and hours and hours working outside. Picking rocks out of our yard, planting trees, shrubs, and flowers. I used a weed eater to whack down weeds — and to delicately trim my flowers when the blooms had faded. I used to work 6, 8, or 10 hours a day in the yard. (What on earth was I thinking back then??)

My mother lives in a retirement community. She owns a lovely twin home. Her home owner’s association cuts the lawn, waters it, takes care of snow removal. All sorts of wonderful things like that.

Now that I’m older, and now that I don’t have the stamina to work those long, hard hours in my yard, I’m thinking that less yard work would be nice. And that living in a retirement community like my mother does would be nice.

So. Erin Vernon recently contacted me about Erickson Living. (They have retirement communities in 8 states.) She said they have produced a little video they would like to share with me. Since living in a retirement community sounds really appealing to me, I viewed their video.

What a hoot! I absolutely love it! They did a great job.

They asked some of their residents and their grandkids to help with the video. They asked the grandkids what they would want to do when they retired. Then, the grandparents acted out the crazy responses.

The grandchildren are absolutely darling. The grandparents do a fabulous job acting out what their grandchildren talked about.

Check it out. (This really makes me look forward to retiring!)

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for writing about Erickson Living and their video. (But, if they offered me a free place to live when I retired, I certainly would consider it!)


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  • Susan Adcox

    I have finally come clean and admitted to myself that I don’t like yard work. I like having a few plants and flowers around my back door that aren’t much trouble. I have the standard subdivision landscaping in front. And I’m happy with that. But I do love to see other people’s yards. I bet yours is lovely.

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