Sammy’s Broken Leg and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It!

Sammy's Broken Leg by Judith Mandell is a children's picture book.(NOTE: I was given a copy of this book for review. However, all opinions are my own.)

My memory isn’t what it used to be. Le sigh, as the French might say.

Our youngest son broke his finger. I think. I can’t remember. Or was it his elbow?

I also remember that his big sister was pestering him which caused him to break it. His finger. Or elbow. Whatever.

And, I do remember being angry at her. (Why is it that I remember the anger more than what it was that my son broke?)

Sadly, a couple of years ago, HER daughter broke her arm! My granddaughter got a bright neon pink cast. She had everybody sign it (I did!) and she was very proud of her cast.

Well, in the book Sammy’s Broken Leg (Oh, No!) and the Amazing Cast that Fixed It by Judith Wolf Mandell, Sammy was a rambunctious little girl. Very active!

Even though her mother warned her to be careful when she jumped on the trampoline, Sammy didn’t listen. Higher. Faster.


She fell and broke her thigh bone. Ouch!

Sammy's Broken Leg by Judith Mandell is a children's picture book.

The doctor had to put a cast on her all the way from her chest down to her legs. Yikes!

But! The doctor asked her what her favorite color was. Purple! So Sammy got a purple cast.

Sammy's Broken Leg by Judith Mandell is a children's picture book.

It wasn’t easy having a cast over half of her body! Sammy couldn’t wear her favorite clothes. She couldn’t go outside to play. And going potty? What. A. Challenge.

Her days got long and dreary.

However, there were a few things that she did like: her friends coming to play with her, treats from grandma, and Daddy pulling her in the wagon.

When the day finally came to go to the doctor’s office to get her cast removed, Sammy saw other children with all sorts of casts.

Sammy's Broken Leg by Judith Mandell is a children's picture book.

Even though Sammy got her cast off, she struggled to walk. It was almost as if she had to re-learn how.

But she had special help. You’ll have to read the book to find out what that special help was because I’m not going to spoil this special — and fun — part of the book.

The author’s two-year-old granddaughter broke her leg and had to have a chest-to-ankle cast. Her granddaughter spent a miserable month in that ginormous cast.

Mandell vowed to create a book that would be entertaining, encouraging and educational. Her book is just that.

It entertains the readers and listeners. It’s encouraging to little ones who have to wear casts. And, it’s educational for kids so they know what life in a cast will be like.

Read more about the book at You can purchase a hardcover of the  book on Amazon for $18.99 or a paperback for $13.99.