Send Christmas Cards to Grandchildren

Send a Christmas e-card. Are you one of those oh-so-organized people who have already sent out their Christmas cards?  Don’t look now, but I don’t have my hand raised.

That’s because I try to write a clever, witty letter to slip into the card.  This year, my creative muse isn’t being very witty or very clever.  My muse is an ol’ desiccated heap.  I think it’s gone south for the winter.

Do you send Christmas cards to individual grandchildren?  (Mine are such small whippersnappers that I don’t.  Yet.)

Grandchildren will enjoy a personal Christmas card from their grandma.  To just them.  Not them and their brothers, and sisters, and parents.  Just them.  However, if you have very many grandchildren, the cost for buying and sending individual Christmas cards can really add up fast.

Here’s a different twist to the idea of sending those through-the-mail cards.  You might want to send electronic Christmas cards.  It’s fun to send and receive them.  And, sending an e-Christmas card is a great way to connect to those grandchildren who live far away.  So cheap, so easy.

Here are several sites of free cards to get you started.

So browse these e-cards and send some out to your grandchildren with a message of love and hugs and kisses from you!