Shadow Art with Grandchildren

Monday on  my way home from work, we had a horrid dust storm.  Winds gusting over 50 miles per hour carried so much dust off the West Desert (say that in a deep ominous voice like my kids and  husband do) that I couldn’t see the mountains. That’s a heap o’ dirt in the air (and in my lungs and on my pristine new white sweater that I wore).  The violent splats of rain plastered dirt splotches all over our car. It looks pathetic.

Not much sunshine that day.

But today!  Sunshine is slip slidin’ all around, bringing joy and  happiness (and dryness) after the soggy, grey month of May.  Can’t let that sunshine go to waste. So why not use it to create shadow art with your grandchildren?

Grab your sidewalk chalk and head outside. Strike a funny pose and have your grandchild draw an outline around your shadow. Then, she can color in your shadow adding features (like polka dots on your blouse, a hairy wart on your nose, or sunglasses on your face).  You can also outline your grandchild’s shadow.

Bring out some props — hats, silk flowers from your expensive floral arrangement, books, toys, spatulas, an umbrella — anything that would help create an intriguing shadow.  Include shadows of grandpa, the neighbor’s dog, and the mailman if you can convince him to pause long enough.

Start outlining and don’t finish until your whole driveway and sidewalk is filled with shadow art.  If you don’t like how something turned out, simple hose down the sidewalk with water.  Take pictures of your fine art and frame it or mail them off to other family memers who live far away.  (Have your grandchildren who don’t live nearby create their own shadow art and send you pictures of it.)

What fun pictures have you made with sidewalk chalk?


2 thoughts on “Shadow Art with Grandchildren

  • DigiGram Post author

    I remember reading about your walk of fame for your Grandkids’ Rock! It For me, it would work for some of the holidays but would be challenging for the winter ones because of the snow and ice on my sidewalk!

  • grandma shelley

    We did a walk of fame as part of our Grandkid’s Rock Grandma Camp. Each child had their own section of the sidewalk to create their Rock Star star, to write their name, and to do whatever they wanted to in their section of the Rock Star Walk of Fame.

    We do holiday theme sidewalk chalk art. Haunted House, old trees, and pumpkins around Halloween, Christmas trees and Santa around Christmas, hearts and cupids around Valentine’s and so on…..At Easter time we were decorating 4′ eggs with sidewalk chalk.

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