Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

I know that Easter is over and that all of your Easter decorations are tucked safely away in storage waiting for next year.  (Mine aren’t!)  But I just came across the idea of dying Easter eggs using silk fabric — silk ties to be specific.  They are absolutely beautiful!!!  (The eggs — not the ties!)

Here is a link to the Crafting Green World that shows her dyed eggs (the picture posted here).

Here is a link to see the video on Martha Stewart’s show that demonstrates how to make them.

I absolutely love this idea!  Absolutely!  I want to make some right now — even if Easter is over.  (I can’t wait ’till next year . . .)  However, when next Easter rolls around, I will make a link to these sites again.  I promise.  (That way, you don’t have to worry about remebering this post.)

4 thoughts on “Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

  • DigiGram Post author

    Hi Aunt Mo,

    I hope that you can find fun activities here on my site to do with your kids.

    I read your posts about roasting PEEPS. What an novel idea — and I loved you thoughts about making PEEP S’mores! I’ll have to dash to the store to pick up some PEEPS for our family reunion in July.

  • DigiGram Post author

    What a great idea to have the dyeing of the eggs be a memory maker because the tie was grandpa’s tie. (I know that my husband would willingly donate all of his ties to anyone who wants them . . .)

    And thanks for sharing the idea of using the grocery bags as kits. That’s creative problem solving at its best!

  • Travelinoma

    I like the silk egg idea. Have every dad and grandpa put aside a tie sometime during the year, and it could be a memory maker.

    We were trying to fly kites the other day, and nobody could get them into the air. My daughter brought out some lightweight grocery bags, tied yarn around the “handles” and when even a light breeze filled the bag they flew easily.

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