Soap Carving Patterns for Grandchildren

Here are some patterns for carving soap.

It is so interesting to look at the statistics for this website.  Like where all of my fabulous readers are from.  Like how many hits I get a  month.  Like how many of you are unique visitors and have never been to my site before.  (I guess that’s what unique means, huh?) And what you are searching for on my site.  (It’s almost scary to think of all of the information that gets collected about us on the Internet, isn’t it?

Guess what is the top thing searched for?  Patters for carving soap!  Who knew . . .

So, let me tell you what I’ve decided.  I’ve decided to get off my duff and make some patterns for my readers.

(I’ve searched the web and can’t find any!  I find that amazing.  You’d think that somebody out there somewhere would have some.  Maybe my searching skills are insufficient. . .)

Here’s the deal.  I’m going to make a few patterns and put them into a PDF file and have them available for all of my fine readers to download.  I’m going to have them posted by Friday.  As in this Friday.  March 5.  As in four days from now.  (How’s that for putting my feet to the fire??  After all, I wrote about soap carving with your grandchildren a mere 2 years ago.  My how time flies . . .)

Your part of the deal is to download the patterns, use them, and then give me feedback so that I can modify them and improve them if necessary.  Deal?  Good.

I’m making this goal public.  I figure that way, I’ll get it done.  I won’t put it off to do something more important . . . like checking for belly link and toe jam.

Friday.  That’s the day.

(Here are the links: Soap Carving Patterns I and Soap Carving Patterns II.)

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