St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

Here are 10 different pages of bingo cards for St. Patrick's Day. Here’s a short little post. Short is good. Right?

Grandchildren enjoy playing Bingo — especially when they can use candy as markers. So, I highly recommend using candy.

While green candies would fit the theme of St. Patrick’s Day, I dare say that grandchildren will enjoy almost ANY type of candy that you use!

(Let their parents worry about tooth decay and healthy eating!)

I have made up 10 pages worth of Bingo cards for you to print off and use. You might want to consider printing them on card stock and laminating them or covering them with clear contact paper so they can be used over and over.

Do your grandchildren like word searches? Here is a St Patrick’s Day Word Search and here are the answers.

Back in 2010, I shared a Pot O’ Gold coloring page that you could print of for your grandchildren to color. In addition to coloring the page, your grandchildren can glue on yellow pom poms to represent gold coins. My grandkids had lots of fun doing this last year. I hope yours enjoy it, too!

Thanks for sharing!