Suggestion From a Reader

children drawingI love it when I “meet” new people because of my blog. Recently, I met Grandma Pat. I asked her if she had something that she has done with her grandchildren that she would share with me here.

This is what she said:

“One of my favorite activities (and theirs) is to have art with grandma. I have art activities pinned on Pinterest They pick out one and we do it together. After their artwork is done, I post the finished project and any other drawings that they want to keep onto Artsonia.

“As an added bonus in September we then pick the best ones and enter their art in two different local fairs. They then receive their fair checks in October and now they have their own money. It’s just a little, but right now they are excited to receive their checks.

“I like this idea because it keeps me from over buying gifts and I spend more time doing hands-on grand parenting.”

Did you catch the good advice that she gave here: do art activities instead of over buying gifts (something I’m SURE that none of you Dear Readers, ever do!); spend more time doing hands-on grandparenting.

Be sure to check out her Pinterest site for great art activities.  Also, check out Artsonia as a place to share your grandchildren’s art work.

Thanks, Grandma Pat, for sharing! You’re swell.