Quick ‘N Easy Tech Tip

This easy tech tip will help you bring up pages in your browser faster!I like to think that I am efficient. My alter ego tells me I’m just lazy . . . Whatever.

Even though I’m faster than greased lightening when typing (have you ever wondered just how fast that is??) and am just as accurate (I never strike the same place twice . . .), if I can be faster I’m happier. Here’s a quick technology tip that can make your browsing the Internet just a wee bit easier — by typing less.

Let’s say that there is a web site that you like to check out occasionally. You do not have to type in the whole URL in your browser’s location bar. Forget typing in http:// and forget typing in www. For example, if you like to see recipes on the Pillsbury site, you can just type pillsbury.com and your browser will automatically fill in the rest of the information for you! Go ahead. Try it! Other examples: jeep.com, yale.edu, nytimes.com, nutrition.gov, and un.org.

This can also apply to sub-pages on a website. Let’s say you want to check out the Pillsbury’s Bake-Off contest. Just type in pillsbury.com/bakeoff (you don’t have to capitalize the ‘B’ and the ‘O’) and your browser will zip to the page that talks about the Bake-Off. (This year’s winner received one million dollars for a peanut butter cookie recipe! Mmmmmm . . . maybe I ought to be trying out my hand at cooking instead of spending my time writing this blog!)

This quick typing tip will work in Internet Explorer 6 (haven’t tried it in 7) and Firefox 2. 0 on a Windows based machine and in Safai 3.0 and Firefox 2.0 on a Mac computer.

Happy computing!