Thanksgiving Activities

Free Thanksgiving printable with 2 mazes, 2 word searches, and 2 word scrambles for kids to do. When I was young, I enjoyed word searches, mazes, and word scrambles.

I think that is pretty typical for kids. And, I think today’s kids love them, too. There’s something that makes them really appealing to kids. (The challenge maybe?)

As a grandma, I enjoy making them. (I think it is my inner child telling me I should have been a teacher when I grew up . . .)

I have created two mazes, two word searches, and two scrambles word activities for you to print up and use with your grandchildren.

I’ve also included the key to the word search. That way, you can help check what your grandchild has done to make sure she got everything correct.

You can print up the Thanksgiving activities here.

You could print them up for the grandkiddos to do while you are busy in the kitchen cooking your fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. (I’m sure you are an outta-this-world cook!) That would keep them happy — and you happy because they are happy.

Or, you could save it for an activity to do after you have finished eating. After you clear the dirty dishes from the table, bring them out and sit down with your grandchild to do them. That way, you could enjoy spending time with your grandchildren. (And enjoy sitting down after being on your feet all day.)

Or, you could mail it to those far away grandchildren so that they can do them. This will help them think of you at this special time of year.