Thanksgiving Activities to Do With Grandchildren

Here are three games that you can play with your family on Thanksgiving Day.You’ve fixed a fabulously scrumptious, belly-bustin’ meal.

The turkey was a juicy, golden brown.

The potatoes and gravy were out of this world. (Read that to mean lump free . . .)

The pies were delectable.

Betty Crocker would be envious of your light, fluffy rolls.

Now that you’re as stuffed as the turkey that you served, what’s next on the agenda?

Fun! Games! Playing with your grandchildren! That’s what!

In previous posts, I have shared some games that have been our family favorites. Here are they are:

Candy Bar Game
Candy Bar Game variation
Zilch (with video demo)
Cup Rhythm Game (this also has a video to show how it is played

When your grandchildren are tired of playing those games, here are three more suggestions.

Fruit basket. (This is one of my favorites.)
For this game, you will need some space. (If you have nice weather, playing out on your lawn is a good idea.) Set chairs up in a large circle. Have one less chair than there are players. One player will be ‘IT’ and will stand in the middle of the circle.

All players select the name of a fruit. Start with one person and have that person tell everybody what her fruit name is. Go around the circle and have everybody share the name of his fruit. (It’s okay to have several people have the same fruit name.)

To play, the person who is IT stands in the middle of the circle. She calls out two fruit names (e.g. orange and banana). All of the people who have those fruit names have to get up out of their seat and run and sit in a seat that was vacated by another player. The person who is IT tries to sit in one of the empty chairs before somebody else can sit in it. Players must sit in a different chair. They may not return and sit back in the seat they were just occupying.

The person left standing now without a seat is IT. He will stand in the middle of the circle and call out two fruit names. Those people have to exchange seats while IT tries to sit in a seat. Repeat the process of calling out two fruit names and having those people exchange seats.

Instead of calling out just two fruit names, IT also has the option of saying ‘Tip the fruit basket.’ When IT says this, EVERYBODY has to move to a different chair. And, IT tries to gets a seat.

Continue playing until players get tired and decide to do a different activity.

Fish, beast, or bird.
If you’re feeling too stuffed for running around (like you need to do in Fruit Basket), here’s an activity where you can just plunk down in a comfortable chair and stay put. You don’t have to move fast – just think fast!

Gather everybody together. Select one person to be the leader. The leader will call out one person’s name and say either ‘fish’ or ‘beast’ or ‘bird.’ Then the leader will count to ten as fast as possible.

The person whose name was called has to say the name of an animal that fits the category that the leader named before the leader finishes counting to ten. If the player does not respond in time, she is out. The leader then says another person’s name, gives a category and starts counting to ten. Keep repeating the process until there is only one person left (besides the leader). That person becomes the leader for the next round.

Names of animals cannot be repeated. If a person says a name that has already been mentioned, that person is out.

Popcorn race.
Once your food has settled and you’re feeling a wee bit more willing to be up and movin’ around, pop some popcorn. (Or your could pop it a day or two in advance.) Divide family members into two teams. Give each team a big bowl of popcorn and a cup. (It could be a measuring cup or drinking cup. Doesn’t matter – except that both teams have cups of equal size.)

On the opposite side of the room, place an empty bowl. Each team will now have one bowl full of popcorn and one empty bowl. The goal is to get the popcorn transported from the full bowl to the empty bowl using the cup.

Someone will say ‘go’ and one team member will fill up the cup, run to the empty bowl, and dump the popcorn in the bowl. Then, she will run back to her team and give the cup to the next team member. Continue in like manner until all of the popcorn is now in the other bowl.

The first team to empty their popcorn bowl is the winner. Since this game goes pretty fast, you could play it several times.

Hope this gives you some ideas of games that you could play with your grandchildren on Thanksgiving.

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