Thanksgiving Dice Games

Free printable for these Thanksgiving dice games.

My readers enjoyed the Halloween dice games that I shared.

That got me to thinking. (Dangerous activity for me, I know. 🙂 )

So, I thought that I would make some Thanksgiving-themed dice games.

It’s always good to have a slew of activities on hand for your grandkids — either before you serve your scrumptious meal or afterwards when they are so stuffed to the gills that they can hardly move but still want something to do.

So, I made a turkey dice game.

And a pilgrim hat dice game.

And a cornucopia dice game.

You can see here what the pictures look like. They are cute, even if I do say so myself!

I made a game version for one dice and a version for two.

Free printable for these Thanksgiving dice games.


Free printable for these Thanksgiving dice games.


Here are the directions on how to play the game. (Don’t worry. You don’t have to remember exactly how to play. I’ve put the directions with each of the free printables that you can download.)

Print up a copy of the picture from the printables and give to each player. If you are using the game with numbers 2-12 use the ‘two dice’ version of the game and use two dice.

Select someone to be the first player.

That person rolls the dice. She crosses off the paper the number that she rolled. Let’s say she rolled a two. She looks at her sheet, finds a number two, and puts an X through it.

She passes the dice to the player to her left. That player rolls the dice and crosses the number off her paper that she rolled.

As play continues, it gets a little tricky. Say that you rolled a three but all of the threes on your paper are already crossed off. You don’t get to cross anything off.

And, that is the end of your turn. Pass the dice to the next person.

Play continues until someone has all of the numbers crossed off their sheet. The first person to cross out all of their numbers is the winner.

So. Here are links to the game sheets:

Turkey – one dice game

Turkey – two dice game

Cornucopia – one dice game

Cornucopia – two dice game

Pilgrim Hat – one dice game

Pilgrim Hat – two dice game

I hope you have a fun time playing these games with your grandchildren!

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