The Hand on the Mirror Book Review and Giveaway

The Hand on the Mirror is an intriguing book of a woman's paranormal experience. Read it now!(NOTE: This book is meant for adult readers, for YOU personally, dear grandma readers. Not for young grandchildren.)

Have you ever been visited by a dead person?

Experienced inanimate objects moving on their own volition?

Visited a medium that professes to be able to speak to those who have passed away?

Had out-of-body experiences?

No? Me neither — and probably never will.

However, I am VERY interested in learning about other people’s experiences with those who have passed away and with near-death experiences.

Janis Heaphy Durham’s husband, Max, died of esophageal cancer. On the one-year anniversary of his death, a powdery handprint spontaneously appeared on her bathroom mirror. You could see the bone structure of the hand — almost as if it were an X-ray.
This is the picture of the handprint on the mirror. Janis Heaphy Durham wrote a book about this and her other paranormal experiences. Great book.

Her son saw it.

Her housekeeper saw it.

Janis took a picture of it.

The handprint appeared on the second anniversary of her husband’s death.

And on the third anniversary.

Other phenomena started happening, too. Clocks stopped at 12:44, the exact time of her husband’s death. Lights flickered without cause. A rug moved across the floor on it’s own volition. And (the most startling thing to me), golden gossamer threads appeared and floated in the air. (Really? I was skeptical until I read how her next husband saw them, too.)

Janis worried that if she told others about these things that people would think she was wacko.

Author Janis Heaphy Durham wrote The Hand on the Mirror. Read it now!Janis is highly educated. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and master’s in education. She worked for the Los Angles Times, the Los Angeles Magazine, and the Omni magazine. She became be the senior vice president of advertising at The Los Angeles Times and was the first publisher for the Sacramento Bee.

So, she isn’t a rube, a backwoods hillbilly claiming to have seen a handprint on a mirror. Yet, she worried that people would think she was a fruitcake.

She started a journey where she sought information to help her understand her experiences. She interviewed prominent scientists and spiritual practitioners — all who had significant degrees (physics, law) from renowned institutions (UCLA, Cornell, Harvard). What started out as an intellectual journey grew to include a spiritual journey — one that led her to reconcile with her mother before her mother passed away.

(Warning! Warning! Warning! This is a spoiler alert. Beware. I’m going to tell you what Durham ultimately learns.)

Because of her experiences and her pilgrimage, Janis gained a deeper understanding and view of life and death. Her husband’s death taught her about life, about love and how we are all bound together by love.

She learned that each of us has a spirit that continues after we die and that those still living can at times interact with those spirits  — if we pay attention. We can experience the ‘soft edges between this life and the next.’

I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. It was well written and easy to understand. She sought out experts in their fields — experts who were well educated and well respected. While Durham delved into some pretty deep subjects, she used layman’s terms in her explanations. (Phew! My little pea-brain probably couldn’t have handled it otherwise!)

Because of her writing voice and style, I felt as if we were close friends. I felt that she was confiding in me her fears and her worries. I felt a part of her journey, of her learning, and of her growth as a person.

And of course, I came to the conclusion that she definitely wasn’t nutso. Not crazy one iota.

I highly recommend this book. It deepens, broadens, enlightens, and teaches. And, it shows how our connections with loved ones are not limited to place, to the physical boundaries of this world. It validates that our spirits live on after we die and that love connects us.

And, it teaches that we should squabble less, judge less. We should forgive more, love more, and have more patience and understanding with and for others.

Click here to check out the official site for The Hand on The Mirror.

Now comes the fun part.I’m going to give away one copy to one of my lucky readers.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is post a comment — any comment.

You can mention if you’ve had a paranormal experience. You can beg mention that you would be delighted to win the giveaway. Heck, you can tell me your shoe size if you want to.

Just make a comment.

Winners have to be residents of the United States. A big shout out to Grand Central Publishing who is providing the giveaway copy of the book.

(They also gave me a free copy for this review but that didn’t influence my opinion at all of the book.)

The giveaway deadline is midnight May 21.

Quickly, now. Make a comment before it’s too late!

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  • Andrea Jolley

    It is very interesting to me when a person is brave enough to share such a personal experience. I would love to won this book give away. We will all be there some day.

  • Andi K

    I have purchased several books that you have recommended and haven’t been disappointed yet. I can’t wait to win this book giveaway to read another! Thanks for the chance!

  • Becca Ellingson

    At first I was a little taken aback that you chose to do a review on this book. First it is not a book to read to grandkids, and secondly, it didn’t seem like a book whose subject matter for this blog. Once you discussed what the author learned – the deeper stuff – it became more clear and the book intrigued me.

  • Heidi Johnson

    Thanks for a new journey to embark on. I’m always looking at interesting material to add to my reading list, especially as summer is approaching and vacation is around the corner. I’ve added this book to my list and look forward to finding out what’s it’s all about.

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