TinyTap Game for Grandkids

With the TinyTap application, kids can create their own personalized and interactive games. Fun, fun, fun!How many of you out there in Grannyland got an iPhone or an iPad for Christmas? Lucky,  lucky you! (

Recently, my work  got me an iPad mini. Wahoo!)

I’m going to tell you about TinyTap, a free educational game that will keep you and your grandchildren occupied for hours.

(Crikey! I spent almost 2 hours playing with this app. My how time flies when you’re having fun . . . )

Lemme explain.

With this app, you can turn any image into an interactive activity. I had a picture on my mini iPad of our granddaughter. I created questions such as ‘Where is Natalie’s nose?’ I created the ‘hot spot’ for the item in the picture to tap on. I selected background music. Then, I ‘published’ it. Now, when Natalie plays the TinyTap game and she taps on the correct hot spot, the app automatically makes fun sounds like a voice saying yipee in a western drawl.

Now, when Natalie comes to play at Grandma’s house, we can snuggle on the couch and play this game together.

photo2I also created Simon Says, a shape recognition game, for my grandson Simon.

I recorded myself saying things such as ‘tap on the yellow star’ and ‘where is the green ring?’  When Simon taps on the correct item, the game will say something like ‘wahoo!’

There are lots of items to select from to use: food, animals, shapes, faces, color shapes, 3-D shapes, and musical instruments.

photo1I also created this puzzle-like game. Players simply tap on a shape and drag it to the correct corresponding shape.

(I was just learning how to make this type of activity so my ‘selections’ are not very precise and neat. Oh well.)

For this game, I could record my own personal response when the player moved the shape into the correct spot.

photo3When you finish creating your personalized game, it is saved on your ‘shelf’ so that you can go back later to play the game.

Once your grandchild has conquered the game, you (or your grandchild), you could delete it and then make a new one that is more challenging.

There are also two games that came with this app. One is Who is Bigger. This game is good for children ages 3 and up. In the game, they are shown two shapes and asked to tap on the one that is bigger.

The second game is Counting Monsters. It is almost for that same age bracket. The first few questions are easy. You’re supposed to do stuff like tap on the monster that has four eyes. But when there are more things to count, I think it gets a wee bit harder because some of the items are small — like the ten fingers. Those small fingers might be hard for young children to count. But the game is still fun to play — and I like the accent of the narrator.

The TinyTap app has drawing tools so that you could draw your own picture if you wanted to. (Me, I’m sticking with the beautiful stickers that are already provided.)

If your grandchildren are too young to create anything by themselves, you can create it and then share it with them. I think that a grandchild will probably need to have a grandparent help them with this app until they are probably around the ages of 7-8 years old.

I have barely scratched the surface of telling everything that you can do with this game. I highly recommend it! You’ll have lots of fun spending time together with your grandchild creating playing games with this app.

Disclaimer: I didn’t receive any monetary remuneration for reviewing it. In fact, I daresay that TinyTap Ltd. isn’t even aware of little ol’ me! 🙂