Tip the Fruit Basket Game

Tip the fruit basket is a fun game for your family to play. Easy to learn and ZERO prep time!Are you always on the lookout for games that you can play with your grandchildren?


I have a wonderful game for you called Tip the Fruit Basket. It takes ZERO prep time (wahoo!) and is easy to learn so that even grandkids as young as four years-old can learn how to play.

Tip the Fruit Basket

Select one of your grandchildren to be It. Have all of the rest of your grandkids sit in a circle.

Decide on how many fruit names to use. (Tip: if you don’t  have very many players and if you have quite young players you might only want to use 2-3 fruit names.)

Let’s say that you choose 4 fruit names: banana, apple, orange, strawberry. Assign each player one of the names of the fruit.

The person who is It stands in the middle of the circle. She calls out 2 fruit names. All players with those fruit names have to stand up and then quickly exchange seats. Their goal is to change seats with someone else and not be left standing without a seat.

The person who is It tries to sit in a chair that was vacated by one of the players. If she does, the player that is left standing when everybody else has a seat is now It. The new It stands in the circle and calls out the fruit names.

The person who is It can be tricky. She can say, “Tip the fruit basket.” Then, ALL of the players have to leave the chair they are sitting in and move to a different one. This gives the person who is It more of a chance of getting a seat because everybody has to move!

If you have a group of older grandchildren, you can give the different fruit names after you’ve been playing for a while. This will make it challenging for them to remember their current fruit.

Stop playing when your grandchildren’s interest seems to wane.

You’ll probably want to serve them something to eat afterwards. Try some of these yummy popcorn recipes, these super easy donuts, this soda pop cake along with some ice cream, or veggies and hummus if you would rather have something healthy.

Have fun playing this game with the grandkiddos!

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