Top Ten Posts for 2015

Check out the top 10 posts on Grandma Ideas. You'll see some great stuff!It is so fun to look at the statistics for my site.

The thing that amazes me are the pages that are the most popular. Sometimes, I’m surprised at what is popular.

Here is a round-up of the top 10 posts for last year. Check them out. You might see something that you missed. (Especially check out the games!)

The Candy Bar Game is a FUN game to play on New Year's Eve, at birthday or Christmas parties, family gatherings or reunions -- or ANY time. All you need are some dice and some candy bars. Learn how to play it now. The Candy Bar Game. You need at least one candy bar per player and a pair of dice to play this fun game!

Here are 4 simple patterns for carving soap.Soap Carving Patterns for Children 2. This is the second set of patterns.

Play the Name Game -- fun for Christmas. New Year's Eve, and birthday parties -- or just for a fun family get together.Grandma Ideas.
Play the Name Game This is a fun and challenging game for tweens, teens, and adults.

Here is a Thanksgiving word search that you can do with your kids while waiting for your Thanksgiving dinner to cook.Thanksgiving Word Searches. This word search uses words based on Thanksgiving.

Here are 4 patterns for carving soap.Soap Carving Patterns for Children. This is the first set of 4 soap carving patterns that I made.

How to Write Your Memoir in 30 Days is a great book to help you write your life's story.Write Your Memoir. This book takes the pain out of writing your memoir. It’s really quite easy!

Enjoy making this simple recipe for old fashioned hard tack candy. You're kids will love making and eating it!Easy and Yummy Hard Tack Candy. This is a VERY simple yet yummy recipe for old-fashioned hard tack candy.

This fan-fold edging is an extremely easy way to finish off a blanket's edging.Fan-fold Edging on a Baby Blanket. This edging is SUPER easy and quick to make on a fleece baby blanket.

Make wooden Christmas trees from wrapping paper, old Christmas cards, or holiday napkins. They are quick and easy to make.Wooden Christmas Tree Craft. You probably have most of the things for this craft already!

Skyping is one way grandparents to connect with distant family members. Here are several things to with when you Skype.Skype with Grandchildren. Here are 17 things that you can do while Skyping with those far away grandchildren!

Let’s hear it for the top ten posts. Hip, hip, hooray!

I hope that this coming year will be just as fun and amazing for me and my readers!

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts for 2015

  • Carol Cook

    I am new to your blog and am visiting as one of the new co-hosts of Share Your Cup. I am so glad I popped in and after visiting all the other links, I’ll be back for a more through visit.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  • Nina Lewis Post author

    Hi April,

    The memoir post was one that really surprised me! I didn’t imagine that people were that interested in it. And, my stats indicate it’s just not old geezers like me that are interested in it, but also younger folks, too.


  • April J Harris

    Excellent posts with some great activities. I especially like the writing your memoir post! Sharing. Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Hop.

  • Nina Lewis Post author

    Hi Pamela,

    It’s so nice to “meet” you — even if it is virtually! I hope that you’ll be able to find something on my site that you could do with your 13 grandchildren! Thanks so much for dropping by!

    Warmest regards,

  • Pamela Shank

    I had not known of your blog for most of these so they will be fun to go through and read. They all look great to me. I have only started meeting other grandparent bloggers the past few months.

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