Tube Snowmen

Kids love mMaking these simple tube snowmen!I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

There’s just something about an empty cardboard toilet paper tube that shouts, “Keep me! Keep me!”

So I have a plethora of them falling out of cupboards, getting squished in closets, and rolling around with the dust bunnies. Those rowdy tubes! Sigh.

I thought that I’d better use some of them up by making these cute tube snowmen. This activity fits all of my requirements: easy to do and cheap to make. (At this time of year, easy and cheap are good things.)

You’ll need my pattern for tube snowman. (The pattern has buttons instead of lumps of coal down the front. I thought that buttons were cuter . . .)

For this activity you will need:

  • the printed pattern for the snowman
  • scissors
  • tape
  • toddler socks (from the Dollar Store)
  • yarn or string
  • googly eyes
  • glue or hot glue gun
  • empty toilet paper tube

Print up and then cut out the pattern for the snowman. Tape it to the toilet paper tube.

tube snowman on

Then, cut the top off the baby sock about two inches down from the elastic opening.

tube snowman on

Slip this over the top of the tube to make a stocking cap for the snowman. Use a short piece of string or yarn to tie the top of the hat together.
tube snowman on

Now, you’ll use the toe part of the sock to cut out a winter scarf for your snowman. Lay the sock down flat. Cut from one side up over the toe down the other side. (See the black lines I drew on the picture? That’s the direction that you will cut.)  Cut off a strip that is about an inch wide. Tie it around the snowman for his winter scarf.
tube snowman on
Now, glue on the eyes.  Ta da! The snowman is done. Aren’t they as cute as a bug’s ear?

tube snowman on


2 thoughts on “Tube Snowmen

  • Andi K

    I love this! I have one grand girl that saves toilet paper tubes maybe we will make these. If we dont have enough tubes do you think we could make out of poster board?

    Nina, I want to order the book you reviewed “Orange- Crate Airplanes” . I used the email address you gave and have not received a reply. Is there another address?
    Thank you!

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