Turkey Stick Puppet for Grandkids

Here is a free printable for this easy-to-make turkey stick puppet. Kids will love making this on Thanksgiving Day.I’ve had an idea rolling around my head the last few days.

It’s an activity that I want the grandkids to do when they come over on Thanksgiving Day.

Something easy to prepare for and inexpensive.

And, something that won’t take lots of energy for me to do with the grandkids because I foresee that after our dinner I will probably be weary from being on my feet all day long.

So, I finally whipped up the little fella (after trying to make homemade licorice caramels — I added too much Karo syrup so they are too gooey soft) and pumpkin pies (that I over cooked till they were rubbery and had to make another batch).

It’s a turkey stick puppet.

This is really easy to make. First, just print off the pattern. Have the kiddos color it and cut it out.

Hot glue a large craft stick to the front. Glue on some googly eyes. (I really must get some smaller googly eyes!) Draw a beak on the stick.

And that’s all that there is to it.

Hey! I just had an idea. You could also use Thanksgiving themed scrapboook paper. After the kids cut out the shape from the paper, they can hand-draw the lines to make the feathers.

This could make a cute variety of turkeys. In fact, your grandkids could make a whole flock of them.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!