Valentine Bookmarks

Free printable for fun Valentine's Day bookmarks.

Since I love to read, I like to do things that encourage others to read. Especially my grandkids.

So, I thought that I would make some Valentine’s Day bookmarks.

I thought that I would share them with you so that you could print them up (and maybe even laminate them)  and give to your grandchildren. (And of course make some for yourself. Of course!)

Aren’t I nice?

Here is a pdf file of the bookmarks for all 5 of them. I hope you enjoy printing them up and giving them to your grandchildren. You might want to spend some time snuggling with them on the sofa and reading to them. That’s one of my favorite activities.

(We are going on a little trip to Belize. I’ve got 5 books to read. They are on my Kindle. Guess I won’t need any bookmarks . . . )

6 thoughts on “Valentine Bookmarks

  • DigiGram Post author

    We got back in the wee hours of the morning this morning. I thought that I put on enough sunscreen on my lips but I guess not. They are the size of Sequoia trees — and just as supple! (No Valentine kisses for my husband today1)

  • Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Belize??? I’m so jealous!! Enjoy! Thank you for sharing this with the GRAND Social folks. Very cool bookmarks. I’m definitely a fan of bookmarks. Maybe because I don’t have an e-reader. Again, I’m so jealous! 😀

  • Grandma Kc

    It really is sad that there is no way to make cool bookmarks like this for our Kindle’s. Amara and I have made bookmarks together but sadly they just sit in my top drawer now as they might get lost stuck in my Kindle. Thanks for sharing!

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