Valentine Roundup of 4 Great Crafts

Here are 4 easy and great Valentine crafts for kids to do.Valentine’s Day!

It’s coming up right quick now.

Do you need some ideas of crafts that you can do with the grandkids!

It’s always great fun when those crafts are easy.

And inexpensive. (That’s always good, huh?)


I thought that I would gather 4 of my popular Valentine crafts and put them in a roundup for you. (This will save you time because you won’t have to go digging around my site to find them.)

They fill the bill for easy and inexpensive!

Resist Art

Resist art is very appealing to kids. First, they get to ‘draw’ whatever they want with a glue gun. (If your grandkids are too young to handle a glue gun, you can draw their design for them. Make sure you ask them what design they want!)

And then, they use whatever colors for the painting. Totally creative for them!

For the paint, I just used regular water colors and the paper was card stock. You could use water color paper if you had some on hand.

Valentine Plate

I remember when I first learned about dishwasher proof Mod Podge. I was blown away! And then I immediately came up with this fun ideas for a Valentine plate.

All it takes is scrapbook paper, a clear glass plate from the dollar store, and the dishwasher safe Mod Podge.

Wow! Make this washable Valentine plate with scrap book paper by using dishwasher safe Mod Podge!

Tea Lights

These tea lights are another easy Valentine craft. All you need is a small jar (I used a baby food one that I got from daughter-in-law), tissue paper (from the dollar store), and Mod Podge.

Cut and paste — can’t get much easier than that!

Valentine in a Bottle

This is something unique that your grandkids could make — or that you could make for them. — a Valentine in a bottle.

The hardest part about making this is drinking the water in the bottles beforehand — and then making sure the bottle is dry!

Here are 8 insanely easy Valentine crafts to make with kids.

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