Valentine’s Day Activities To Do With Granddaughters

Make this easy woven heart for Valentine's Day

This is an inexpensive Valentine craft that you can do with your grandchidren. All you need is red and white construction paper and some scissors.

This is a wee bit tricky to do. So I’ve made a pattern and directions on how to make it. (Aren’t I nice?)

Here are the directions for the woven hear. It is a PDF file that you can print up and follow to help you make your own.

I’ve also created a little video to help you see how to make it. (Man, oh man, I’m sure nice!)

After you’ve made your woven heart, you can decorate the top edges with glitter (like I did), jewels, ribbon, or lace. You could add a raffia bow. You could put stickers on it.

You could also fill it with conversation heart candy and give it away to your grandchildren that live far away. They’d be thrilled to get it from you!

I hope this gives you a couple of ideas of fun activities you can do with your granddaughters. Throw in lots of hugs, kisses, giggles, and of course conversation heart candies and you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

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