Valentine’s Day Ideas

Will you be able to spend Valentine’s Day with your grandchildren? I sure hope so.  Eating chocolate candy and getting hugs and kisses from Grandma are great activities for this holiday.

Family Education has some Valentine’s Day printables: cards (lots of ’em), word searches, dinner place cards, alphabet Valentines, a Valentine Basket, party invitations, a quiz, a calendar, a shadow box, a heart mobile, and lots, lots more!

If your grandchildren live far away, you might want to print some of these printables up and then mail them in a Valentine’s Day package to them.

You might want to print off some of the Valentine Bingo cards that I have made, too.

If you live near your grandchildren, you can give them a ‘heart attack.’  Make arrangements with their mother to let you into their bedroom after they have gone to sleep the night before Valentine’s Day.  Put valentines (that you have cut out of red, pink, and white paper) all over their bedroom.  Sprinkle Hershey’s kisses and little heart candies all over.  You might want to include a couple of red and pink helium balloons with a note that says something about the heart attack being ‘brought to you by your loving grandma.’  (Be sure to save out some kisses for yourself . . .)

Here’s a cute idea of a Valentine’s mouse that you could make with your grandchildren.

Grandma Lizzie has a great idea for a count down calendar to Valentine’s Day.  What a unique idea!!!

I hope you can find a few activities here to do with your grandchildren!