Making Web Pages Easier to Read

Have you ever come across a web page where the font was so small you could hardly read it? (Too vain to admit that you might need glasses???) There’s a way to easily remedy the situation — without having to get your eyes examined or without having to pay for an expensive pair of glasses!

While you still have your browser open, hold down the Command key (for a Macintosh computer) or the Control key (for a Windows machine) and then tap the plus sign one or two times until you are able to read the page. Viola! What once seemed to be minuscule is now easy to read. This trick works in both Safari and Firefox.

The reverse of this is also true. Maybe you’ve increased the font too much. Maybe you wish that you had stopped one or two taps ago. Maybe the page is now bigger than what you really want. Sheesh! What are you going to do now?

Simply hold the Control key or the Command key and tap the minus sign to make the page size get smaller to the desired size.

Now that you know this trick, you’ll never be plagued by web pages with font sizes that are difficult to read.