Welcome to Foxyland

Welcome to Foxyland is a new children's book.(NOTE: I was given a free copy of this book for review. But, it did not influence my opinion in any way.)

In Welcome to Foxyland by Wald Peterson, Foxycat’s mother is going to bake him a pie. (YUM!)

She sends him to the sawmill for a new breadboard and rolling pin.

Then, she needs him to go to the mill to get some flour.

Last, he is supposed to get some milk from Bob, the farmer.

Along the way, he greets the morning sun and a small goldfish in the stream.

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures in the book.

Here is the little cottage where Foxycat lives. (If you click on the pictures, you will be able to get a better look at them and you will also be able to read part of the story.)
Welcome to Foxyland is a new children's book.


After Foxycat gets dressed, he brushes his teeth. (Take a look at the page number. It’s a tooth lifting weights to indicate that brushing your teeth keeps them strong. Clever!)
Welcome to Foxyland is a new children's book.


Foxycat goes to Uncle Beaver’s house to get the breadboard and rolling pin. Uncle Beaver is very skillful. He can make beautiful and useful things from wood. (Notice the page number here. It is a red-and-white-striped pole. It reminds me of a candy cane.)

Uncle Beaver teaches Foxycat that the forest is like a living person and needs care and attention.
Welcome to Foxyland is a new children's book.


Uncle Beaver tells Foxycat about the squirrel that lives in a tree and collects acorns to eat during the winter. (Notice how the page number here is a pile of logs. I love how the page numbers represent something on page.)Welcome to Foxyland is a new children's book.


Even though Mr. Hams is busy, busy at the mill, he explains to Foxycat how he plows the fields, plants the grain, harvests it, and then grinds the grain into flour.
Welcome to Foxyland is a new children's book.


When Foxycat visits Bob, the farmer, he learns that the sheep are sheared so the wool can be made into thread. Then, the thread can be used to knit a sweater.

Foxycat also learned how the cow that eats grass so she can make milk.

Best of all, Bob made Foxycat a whistle!
Welcome to Foxyland is a new children's book.


After a very busy day of doing the errands, Foxycat returns home. His mother bakes a delicious pie while Foxycat tells her about all of his adventures. After supper, his mother reads him a story before he goes to sleep.

Good night, Foxycat.

Goodnight, Moon!
Welcome to Foxyland is a new children's book.

While this book is supposed to be for children ages 3-5, I think that it might be a tad long for some three-year-olds because their attention span might not be long enough to sit and listen to someone reading all of the book. You might want to read the book over several days with that young of a grandchild.

The thing that I liked best about this book was learning about the author. He doesn’t have what you would consider a typical training for writing children’s books.

Wald Peterson is the author of Welcome to Foxyland.Wald Peterson works in the aerospace industry technologies! He has also worked in project management.

For over 15 years, he has written poems and short stories for the enjoyment of his family. This is his first children’s book. It is available on Amazon in paperback for $8.99 or on a Kindle for $2.99

Peterson is from Bulgaria. While growing up, his mother drew pictures and his father carved things out of wood. (That’s probably where he gets his creativity!)

Don’t you love his jaunty hat and matching scarf?

Wald likes music, reading books, playing the guitar, cooking yummy food with his wife, traveling, and windsurfing.

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