Who’s In The Bathroom

fun picture book for kids     GrandmaIdeas.comDo you have any grandchildren that are in the process of being potty trained?  Or recently trained? Then possibly, that grandchild might enjoy the book Who’s in the Bathroom by Jeanne Willis.  (It’s good for pre-school age through first grade.)

In this book, two children are standing in line to use a public bathroom.  The line is moving exceedingly slow and it is taking them FOREVER and they needed to go to the bathroom really, really bad.

Who’s in the bathroom?
We’d all like to know.
And why are they being so terribly slow?
We’re all getting desperate. It’s our turn to go!

The children imagine all sorts of zany reasons why it’s taking so long.  Could it be a whale, a rat, a penguin, or the shepherd who is using a sheep as a toilet brush? Of course, there is potty humor.  But tasteful potty humor (in my humble opinion)  — if potty humor can be tasteful. (However, there is a slight chance that some people might be offended by the book . . .  Make sure you read it before you buy it.)

I’m thinking that this would be a fun gift to give a grandchild who is in the process of being potty trained or who was recently potty trained.  It would be fun to give the book and some ruffly panties to a granddaughter or some Spiderman BVDs to a grandson.

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