Window Art for Grandchildren

Let your kids draw on your windows using Window Crayons. Kids love it!I have discovered crayons that you can use to draw on windows!

Well, not the typical kind of crayons that you color with on paper. A different kind. Ones meant specifically for windows.

I am delighted.  We have lots and lots of big windows in our home.

I envisioned having them filled with murals drawn by grandchildren, children, parents — heck, even interested friends and neighbors!

Wouldn’t it be fun to have grandchildren ‘illustrate’ their favorite story or fair tale?  They could draw a scene on one window, continue on the next, and go around all of the windows in the family room and front room.  They could even draw their pictures on the windows in our solarium.

Then, I thought about letting grandchildren draw on windows for holidays, birthdays, when it’s a rainy day.  You could probably even use these crayons on a mirror.  If you are going on a car trip with grandchildren, this might be something that would keep them busily occupied over the miles.

There are two products that you can use.  You can find a set of ten Lyra Wax-O-Glass Window Crayons for $18.50.  They are supposed to easily wipe off with a paper towel.  You might be able to find them in a local craft or art store or where they sell children’s toys and games.  Maybe even an educational type of store.

For a lot less money, there is Crayola’s Washable Window Crayons for $6.00.  There are 8 colors.  You could probably find these in a local Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or Shopko store.

After my initial onset of excitement of ideas for using these window crayons, I thought:  What if these grandchildren (and snarky adult neighbors) decided to write on my walls.  What then?  Why, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser comes to the rescue.

I’ve read some reviews of this product by moms where were not ‘paid actors’ in a commercial.  They were using the eraser on their own walls to get off the crayon scribbles (and also dirt and grime).  Simply put, it works.

So, I’m off to the store to get some of the window crayons — and a few magic erasers!

2 thoughts on “Window Art for Grandchildren

  • Nina Lewis

    What a wonderful thing your daughter and grandchildren did for you on your 50th anniversary. (Happy belated congratulations to you — that is a remarkable accomplishment!).

    Leaving on window art is a great excuse not to wash windows!

  • DigiGram Post author

    ‘Super Granny’ Sally Wendkos Olds had a problem posting a comment so she e-mailed it to me and I am posting it here for her. Sally said:

    “I love this post about window crayons. Three & a half years ago when Mark & I celebrated our 50th anniversary, my daughter and grandchildren wrote wonderful words of congratulations on our dining room windows. We could erase them any time — but they’re still there, and we enjoy looking at the trees through them.

    Since we have a few more windows in the house, I’ll look for one of the sets of window crayons you describe. This is a gift for the grandkids who create the art — and for us grands who get to see them for as long as we want!”

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