Word of the Day – Crapehanger

Welcome to the Word of the Day where people are encouraged to improve their vocabulary by learning these great and fun words!A new word recently crossed my path. I love it when that happens. It’s a good word. Useful, too.

It’s crapehanger.

At first, the word made me think of someone who hangs crepe paper streamers around the room. Maybe to celebrate a birthday. Maybe for a Halloween party. Or even for a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Alas, those thoughts were in error. The definition has absolutely nothing to do with paper.

Crapehanger (pronounced with a long A sound) is a noun that means someone who is gloomy or is a pessimist. Someone who sees the gloomy side of things

Do you know any crapehangers?

I do.

It seems that every time I am around this person, all she ever does is complain. Complain, complain, complain. All she ever focuses on are the things that go wrong in her life. The more she focuses on the problems that come her way, the more problems she seems to have. It’s the Law of Attraction working in a negative way: she thinks about bad things and voila! Bad things happen to her.

Then, she’s always negative about EVERYTHING. If she does get an opportunities to do something, all she can see is the down side of doing it. She only sees all of the cons of the situation. She sees all the problems there are and all of the reasons why she shouldn’t do it.

For example. If she won a trip to Disneyland, instead of being thrilled, she would moan about how hard it would be to get time off from work and then how expensive it would be to fly there. She would complain about standing in long lines at the airport, about having to pay a hefty fee to check in luggage, about cramped leg room on the airplane, and that you’d only get a snack during the flight and not a meal.

If she thought about driving, she would complain about the high cost of gas, the looooooonnnnnnggg drive to California, and the boring scenery through the Nevada desert. She would say that the hotel prices are out of this world. And, if she bought any food or souvenirs inside the park, she would be upset because they would be outrageously overpriced.

So, because everything is so expensive, she wouldn’t accept the trip. She would stay home. Then, she would complain about her boring life and how she never gets to do anything fun. And she would expect you to pity her.

Indeed, I do pity her. She’s sad and unhappy.

Dear Reader, do you have any grandchildren that are crapehangers? Do you have any suggestions what other grandmothers could do to help that grandchild be more optimistic and cheerful? Thoughts?