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Wecolme to the Word of the Day on Grandma Ideas where people are encouraged to improve their vocabulary by learning these great and fun words!I have always loved words. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t. (Is that because my memory is fading fast as I age? Could be.)

When our children were growing up, I had a word of the day posted on the fridge. I wrote it, its part of speech, the definition, and then a sentence using the word.

Then, I would use it as much as possible in my conversations with the kids. I encouraged them to use it, too. That way, they would really learn the word and it would become part of their vocabulary.

“Eeeew! That sounds like spelling words from grade school,” you moan.

Not so, Dear Reader. It was great fun! Trust me!

In fact, when our youngest son was in his early twenties, he had a little get-together at our home with some of his childhood chums. Lots of food. Lots of laughter. Lots of reminiscing and then catching up on what they had been up to lately.

At one point, one of his friends turned to me and asked what happened to the word of the day. (It was AWOL from the fridge.)

Alas, when we became empty nesters, I ceased the word of the day. Sigh . . .

My son’s friend said that when he came to our home he always enjoyed seeing the word of the day. That was one of his fond memories that he had of his association with our son. (That really I tickled me.)

So. I’ve been thinking lately about a word of the day and re-establishing it so I can help my grandchildren increase their vocabulary skills. Which lead me to think that a word of the day here would be a great addition!

However, do you know how hard it is to maintain the pace of a new word a day? Criminitly! It isn’t a stroll through the park.

Instead, I’m going to have a word-of-an-indiscriminate-amount-of-time. Since that doesn’t roll off my tongue very smoothly nor is it a catchy phrase nor easy to type, I’m going to call these ‘word of the day’ posts. So just every once in a while, I will write about a word. It won’t be on a daily basis. It will just be ever so often.

Are you with me? Great!

I encourage you, Dear Readers, that you in turn share that word with YOUR grandchildren so that they could improve their vocabulary, too. Then, we’d all be one big happy family of vocabulary learners. Wahoo!

Are you ready? Great! Here’s my very first word of the day: senectitude.

Senectitude ( se-NEC-ti-tude) is a noun that means old age. (Boy howdy! That sure applies to me since I was born in the Mesozoic Era.)

Here are several examples of how to use senectitude in a sentence.

  • I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly so that I can maintain good health well into my senectitude.
  • My children tease me about getting Alzheimer’s in my senectitude.
  • I won’t let senectitude stop me from enjoying life.
  • Pickleball has become all the rage for people in their senectitude. (BTW, that’s true in my area.)

You know, I can’t stop here today with sharing just one word. Senectitude begs to have it’s companion — juvenescent.

juvenescent (joo-ve-NES-cent) is an adjective that means young or youthful in appearance.

  • Because I’m in my senectitude, I definitely do not look juvenescent. (Too many wrinkles.)
  • My grandchildren are juvenescent.
  • Working around college-aged students keeps me juvenescent.
  • Ponce de Leon looked for the fountain of youth because he wanted to stay juvenescent.

Well that’s it for today. May the power of an increased vocabulary be with you and your grandkids!

9 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Senectitude

  • Nina Lewis Post author

    Hi Joyce,

    I know how you feel about getting a second chance!

    The other day my daughter said something to the effect that why didn’t I do all of these fun things with her. I told her that was pre-Internet which sparks lots of my ideas! However, she is happy that I’m doing lots of things with HER daughters!


  • Nina Lewis Post author

    Lady Lilith,

    What a great variation! Learning words that your daughters come across while reading is one of the best ways to get those words into your vocabulary. Kudos to you and your kids!


  • swathi

    Great post, Love to learn new words always, does only few at a time. thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.

  • Sharon Rowe

    I love this idea! What a great memory it is for not only your children but their friends too! Alas, my children have flown the nest and I don’t have any grandchildren but I think this is going to be something that maybe I do for myself! Thank you for visiting Monday Madness link party! 🙂

  • Lady Lilith

    We do somthing a little different. Every time we read, I have my girls pick one new word to look up in the dictionary. We are still building vocabulary, but slightly differently.

  • Joyce

    This is a great idea! One I wish I’d thought of for my own kids. And, the other day, Lisa Carpenter mentioned a journal she used to communicate with her daughters. Wish I’d thought of THAT one, too! But one of many nice things about being a grandma is that you get a second chance to use ideas you missed the first time around! So, I’m going with word of the day (week, maybe!) and telling my daughters about this – and suggesting Lisa’s journal, too! Grandma Power! Thank you for sharing!

  • Michelle

    I’m with you when it comes to words – new words I’ve never heard of. I enjoy seeing how to use them. Blows people away and I like the looks they give me too. This made me smile.

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