Word of the Day: Cater-Cousin

Welcome to the Word of the Day where people are encouraged to improve their vocabulary by learning these great and fun words!Do you have a bosom buddy?

A friend that is closer than your shadow?

Someone who you share secrets with, laugh with, cry with, joke with?

Someone who knows about all of your warts, your inner fears, your dark secrets, and the fact that (gasp!) you hate red beets?

If so, that person is probably your cater-cousin.

Cater-cousin [kay-ter-kuhz-uhn] is a noun that means an intimate friend.

If you have a cater-cousin, consider yourself lucky.  True friendship, friendship that lasts through misunderstandings, envyings, and times when you’re crankier than cranky, is a great thing to behold.  It’s a blessing.

You know, the word ‘friend’ sounds so plain and simple, doesn’t it?  Cater-cousin sounds more elegant and special.  So, maybe next time you’re with your cater-cousin, call her that.  To her face.  And then, tell her the definition and tell her how much you appreciate your relationship!

So, how can you use this word with your grandchildren?

First off, you can ask them if they have any cater-cousins. They’ll probably think about their cousins and then try to figure out what ‘cater’ has to do with their cousins.

Explain the definition and then ask them if any of their biological cousins are cater-cousins — cousins that they have a strong friendship with.

This is great thing for grandchildren to ponder — those that are in grade school and above. (Not so much for those say under six-years-old.)

Chat about what it takes to create a cater-cousin relationship with their cousins. Do they need to spend more time with cousins? Do they need to be nicer to them? Do they need to send a text saying hi and that they are thinking of their cousin?

Each cousin is different. What would appeal to one might not appeal to another one. Have your grandchildren do some serious thinking to come up with ideas that will work that they could do.

Then have your grandkids determine how they could do those nice things for their cousins.

I have heard of grandmothers having a Cousins Day. This is different from a grandma’s camp because a ‘camp’ usually lasts at least a couple of days. A cousins day is just a day. Or, it could be just an afternoon or evening. Just a couple of hours.

Cousins Day could be a great way for your grandchild to focus on strengthening their relationship with their cousins.

Need help with ideas? Some fun activities that you could do together include playing the name game or the match my app game or murder in the dark. (Teens really love this game!)

For treats, your grandkids could make cute little hamburger cookies and water punch or old-fashioned hard tack candy.

Your grandkids could do TOGETHER some random acts kindness activities for others. Doing something nice for others can bond them together as a group of cousins. If you need some ideas, here are 102 of them!

Whatever you do, I hope your grandchildren become great cater-cousins to each other! Family — that’s what it’s all about!