Word of the Day – Celerity

Welcome to the Word of the Day where people are encouraged to improve their vocabulary by learning these great and fun words!Man oh man! It’s been almost half of a year since I’ve done a Word of the Day. Shame on me!

So, here’s a new word.

A while back, I took my shoe to the repair shop to have the buckle fixed.  Three weeks later, it was finally fixed — no celerity here!

Celerity (suh-ler-i-tee) is a noun that means speed, swiftness, or quickness. (I have not had great celerity in posting a word of the day . . . .)

The fellow repairing the buckle was not swift.  He was not speedy.  He was not quick.  Not. At. All.

It’s a good thing that I had another pair of shoes that I could wear while I was waiting to get the buckle fixed!

Do you know anybody who always seems to have a quick wit and can say an immediate response to things that others say?  They think with celerity. (Most of time, I do not have celerity of thinking. Sigh . . .)

My husband walks with great celerity.  His pace is brisk and quick.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with him.  However, he does not type with celerity.  He uses his two index fingers to hunt and peck.  It takes him a long time to type a simple, short e-mail message.

This is a fun word to teach your grandchildren. When you call them to the dinner table and they come right away, praise them for having great celerity.

If they quickly clean up their toys, tell them that they have celerity.

They will definitely want to know what you said. You’ll have a teachable moment to help help them learn a new word.

You could have them do little races to see which one has more celerity. Give them bits of paper, M&Ms, or mini marshmallows and a straw. See which grandchild can use the straw to suck up the item one at a time and put them in a bowl.

Have them see who can tie their shoes the fastest, write their name 10 times, or do 5 somersaults. (I’m sure that you can come up with your own activities that would be fun for your grandkids to prove how much celerity that they have.)

I hope that you and your grandkids can incorporate this word into your vocabulary with great celerity!

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One thought on “Word of the Day – Celerity

  • Teresa

    I admit it’s a new word for me. My car has been in and out of the shop having its transmission worked on and they most definitely do not work with celerity! Thank you for hosting and sharing with us on Party in Your PJ’s!