Word of the Day: Eructate

Welcome to the Word of the Day where people are encouraged to improve their vocabulary by learning these great and fun words!I believe that today’s word of the day will be very useful — and one that will especially appeal to tween and teenage boys. The word is eructate.

Eructate (i-ruhk-teyt) is a verb that means to belch.

Eructate doesn’t refer to a quiet burping where a person daintily puts a hand over his mouth and softly expels built up air or digestive gas.

No siree, Bob!

There’s nothing dainty or delicate about eructating. Instead, think of a spewing volcano!

Eructating is loud, forceful. It’s a let her rip, category 5 ‘hurricane’ of a belch!

From my experience, boys tend to have belching contests. (Generally, girls don’t!) It’s as if boys think they are more macho the louder they can belch — and belch in rapid succession.

When our kids were growing up, we had a saying at our house: You can eructate when you hear the lady of the house eructate.

Which meant, since the lady of the home (me) doesn’t particularly like belching and would prefer my children to have good manners, the lady of the home doesn’t belch. (Rarely . . . )

So, my sons refrained from belching (especially at the dinner table). Wahoo!

But they were not extremely upset because they felt that there was always the slim chance that maybe, just maybe, Mom might belch.

And if she did, then they could let loose with their own belches!

Right now, my grandsons are a tad too young to think that it’s cool to belch. (Thank goodness!).

Do you, Dear Reader, have tween or teen grandsons? Do they enjoy belching? If so, this would be a good word to teach them. And, you might want to establish the rule in your home that they can eructate when they hear you (the lady of the house) eructate.

Make sure you have lots of fun teaching your grandkids this word! Be silly. Be goofy. Don’t be a sourpuss!

Being a sourpuss will turn your grandkids off. They won’t want to learn this word — or any of the words that you want to teach them.

Instead, have fun with this word — and have fun with your grandkids while learning this word.

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