Play Spaz — the Card Game

Spaz is a wild and fun card game for the whole family.
Our family loves playing games. One of our favorites was Panic, a very fast-paced wild-and-crazy game.

Some cousins taught our daughter another card game that she in turn taught the family.

More wild-and-crazy times with lots of fun and laughter. The game is called Spaz. This is a good game for a large group and is easy for even young grandkids to play. (Tweens and teens especially love to play this game FAST!)

How to Play Spaz
All you need is a deck of Rook cards. (You can also use Uno card or face cards if you want. Rook was just our preferred ones.)

Deal out all of the cards to the players. The players keep their cards face down in front of them.

Select someone to go first. That person takes the top card from his pile, turns it over, and places it in the center of the table. The next person plays a card — the faster the better.

But whoa, Nellie, hold on to your hat when two cards of the same color are played consecutively!

When that happens, everybody has to make the gesture that is associated with that color.

Red – put your hand over your heart.
Black – put both hands over your head.
Yellow – put one hand on your forehead.
Green – slap both hands on the table.

Numbers do not matter. Just the color of the card.

The last person to do the appropriate action picks up the pile of cards and puts them at the bottom of his stack of cards in front of him.

The object is to be the first person to get rid of all of your cards.

If you decide to use Uno cards, when a two similar wild cards are played consecutively, players have to do all 4 gestures.

And of course when you’re playing games with the grandkids, you’ve got to have a treat. You can make some of these fun popcorn recipes.  Or this delicious 3 ingredient cake batter shake. Or these to-die-for sea salt caramels that take just a few minutes to make in the microwave. Or these yummy yogurt delights.

Grandchildren + playing games + treats = a fun time for everyone!


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