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I love Google Analytics. It is wonderful. It gives you all sorts of data — especially which are your most popular posts. To make things easy for you, Dear Reader, here are the top 10 most popular posts on my site.

Play this challenging Korean game with 5 rocks. Click to learn how to play.Play This Challenging Korean Game

This Korean game is similar to the game of Jacks. You try to catch the rocks on the back of your hand.

Murder in the Dark is a fun group game for tweens, teens, and adults to play.Fun Game to Play with Older Grandchildren

Murder in the Dark is a fun group game. All you need is a deck of cards, a small candle, and a dark room.

fanfold blanket edging on Grandma Ideas dot comFan Edging on a Baby Blanket

This edging is quick and easy to make on a fleece baby blanket.

GGuard the Queen is a fun variation of dodgeball that the family will enjoy playing!uard the Queen Dodgeball

Guard the Queen is a variation of dodgeball that you can easily play in your backyard.

Kids of all ages enjoy playing this dice game called War! It's super, super easy to learn.Yet Another Dice Game

Have you played the card game War? This is a variation that uses dice instead of cards.

Have your teens and tweens try these logic puzzles. The puzzles are great -- and challenge their thinking!Logic Puzzles for Tweens and Teens

These logic puzzles are fun to do yet challenges your tweens’ and teens’ critical thinking skills.

PPlay the Name Game -- fun for Christmas. New Year's Eve, and birthday parties -- or just for a fun family get together.Grandma Ideas.lay the Name  Game

There are 4 rounds to this game (successive rounds get more difficult) where you try to get your teammates to say the name that’s written on a slip of paper. Very challenging and fun fun!

Snap is a fun family card game for all ages. Click to learn how to play.Snap! A Card Game for Families

Turn your cards over and keep a sharp lookout to see who has a matching one!

How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days is a great book to help you painlessly write your memoir.Write Your Memoir

This takes you step-by-step through writing your memoirs in a painless process.

The Candy Bar Game is a FUN game to play on New Year's Eve, at birthday or Christmas parties, family gatherings or reunions -- or ANY time. All you need are some dice and some candy bars. Learn how to play it now.The Candy Bar Game

Roll the dice to see if you can get a candy bar. This gets really challenging as the game progresses!