Yet Another Dice Game

Kids of all ages enjoy playing this dice game called War! It's super, super easy to learn.Raise your hand if you like playing dice games.

Thank you. I love playing them, too.

While I was growing up, Yahtzee was a favorite game that our family played. We’d play for hours on a lazy hot summer afternoon.

My sister and I also played the card game War. Have you?

So I’m thinking, “Why not play war using dice instead of cards?”

Why not, indeed!

Here’s how you can play War using dice.

First, you need a bunch of dice. You can get some at the Dollar store — 10 for one dollar. (I got $10 worth and added them to the dice that I already had! That made for a LOT of dice!)

This game is for two players. However, you could slightly modify the game to have more if you want.

Divide the dice so that each player has an even amount of dice.

Players select one dice and they roll it at the same time. The person that rolled the dice with the highest number takes both of the dice that were rolled.

Players use another dice from their pile of dice and roll again with the person rolling the highest number taking both dice.

If you both rolled the same number, this is where the ‘war’ comes in. Keep rolling that dice until someone gets a higher numbered dice. The one who does, gets both of the dice.

Players then use another dice and roll again.

Play continues until one person has all of the dice.

You can add some different rules to jazz up the game if you want.


  • If someone rolls a one, that dice is taken out of play and put in a “dead pool.” Dice in the “dead pool” are not used for the remainder of the game.
  • If you both roll the same number, put those dice in the center of the table. Players select another dice and roll it. The person who rolls the highest number takes those two dice and also the two that are in the center of the table.
  • If someone rolls a 6, that person has to give another person one of her dice.
  • If both players roll a 2, they put two dice in the center of the table. They select another dice and roll it. The person who rolls the highest number takes the two dice that were rolled and the 4 dice that were put in the center of the table.

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