The Easy-Macro lens attaches to your cell phone with an elastic band. It's fun to use and very inexpensive!
(NOTE: I was NOT paid to write about the Easy-Macro lens nor was I given a free one for review.) A while back, I saw some nifty little camera lenses that attached via a magnet to your cell phone’s camera. I swooned. I fell in love. I coveted. (Read that […]

Cell Phone Macro Lens

Photo of the Day is a fun photography game to play with tweens and teens.
August 19 is World Photography Day. That’s coming right up! (You can click here to read a smidgeon about how it all got started.) I didn’t know anything about how this day came about (which really isn’t surprising because I don’t know about lots of stuff). And, I didn’t know […]

Teach Grandchildren About Photography

Guess where guess what -- fun activity to do with kids
This is the last in the series of photography games.  (At least for now because I can’t come up with any more ideas . . .) The object of this game is that grandma and the grandchildren take a picture of something and then they share it on a blog […]

Guess Where Guess What

Do this fun photography activity with kids.
Have you seen the latest Mission Impossible movie where Tom Cruise crawls out of a window in a super, super, super high hotel and climbs up several stories to another room? And he does it with gloves that have special ‘sticking’ power? I knew it was just a movie. I […]

Mission Possible

Fun photo games to do with kids. Great ideas if you are giving your child a camera for Christmas.
It’s always a challenge to find activities to do with your tween-aged and teen-aged grandchildren. If they have access to a digital camera — or if they have a cell phone that can take pictures — there are several photo games that you can play with your grandchildren. Over the […]

Photo Games to Play with Grandchildren

I love bubbles. I love making all sorts of gizmos for bubble wands. I love experimenting with bubble solutions. Our grandson has a little bubble blowing machine. I was so enchanted with it I had to purchase one for myself — to share with my grand chickabiddies, of course. Imagine […]

Photographing Bubbles