Candy Bar Game Variation

Snickers1AWalked 9.66 miles the day before yesterday.

Walked 10 miles yesterday.

Smiled hundreds of smiles.

Answered thousands of questions.

Solved a million problems.

Stayed up ’til the wee hours playing card games the night before last.

Last night we pinned my sheets together, hung them from a nearby gazebo, used the rented sound system with a projector and a computer, and watched Run Away Jury in the great out of doors. And the great cold . . .

Why is it that they had to use my sheets???? And, how many nights in a row can I stay up late and then go like a crazy man the next day? I’m not as young as I used to be . . .

I am at a conference where I am overseeing the technology support. How much more energy is needed to to maintain this pace for 2 more days? Anybody have any to spare energy that they could give me??

One of the benefits of my experiences here at the conference has been that I have learned a variation of the candy bar game! Now, according to the little stats program I have that collects all sorts of interesting information about my web site, the page explaining the candy bar game has received the most hits over all of the other pages. Thus, I am deducting that there is quite a bit of interest in this game. Well, I have learned a variation of this game. Maybe this page will rival the other one in popularity.

For this variation, you’ll need a pair of dice and about 5 candy bars (more if you play the game very long). You will also need a pair of ski mittens, ski goggles, a ski hat, and a knife and fork. Actually, you could use any ‘props’ that you so desire. As I explain the game, you can see how the props are used and can then decide if you want to use different props.

Everybody sits around a table. Select someone to start. That person rolls the dice and quickly passes the dice to the person on his left. If he rolls a pair, he starts putting on the props — the hat, goggles, and mittens. Then, he picks up a candy bar and unwraps it. He uses the knife and fork to cut off bite sized pieces. When he cuts of a piece, he puts it in his mouth and eats it. He continues cutting and eating the candy bar until someone else rolls a double.

When the next person rolls a double, the first person has to remove all of the gear and give it to the person who just rolled doubles. That person then dons the ski wear and starts cutting up the candy bar and eating it.

The object is to hurry and get the props on and then start unwrapping and eating the candy bar as fast as possible so that you can eat the candy bar all gone before someone else rolls doubles.

Instead of ski gear, you could put on gardening gloves, sun glasses, and a straw hat. Or, leather gloves, a western belt with a big buckle, and a cowboy hat. You get the idea. The idea is that players have to put on some type of clothing that takes up time to put on and then have something on their hands that makes it awkward to unwrap and eat the candy bar before the next person rolls doubles.

I hope you have fun trying this variation.

A happy, but tired party-animal,

2 thoughts on “Candy Bar Game Variation

  • DigiGram Post author

    Hi Sarah,

    Hope you had fun playing the candy bar game. My family loves it. I can’t wait until my grandchildren are old enough to play it. That will be in a couple more years. . .

  • Sarah

    I used to play this game at my grandma’s house years ago. Wanted to teach it to a group of teenagers at church, so I went online to try and find exactly how to play it. Thanks for passing it on to the next generation! =)

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