Christmas Memory Game

Free printable for this fun Christmas memory game uses Hershey's Kisses. Kids love playing the game -- and then eating the game pieces! I love to give my grandkids hugs and kisses — even the chocolate kind.

And, it’s fun to use the kisses for a memory game — one that even adults enjoy playing!

The added bonus is that you get to eat the matches that you make!  Not too many other memory games are edible!
First, you need to get a package of holiday wrapped Hershey’s Kisses. The ones that are wrapped in red, green, and silver foil.

Next, print off my Christmas Memory Game. Cut around each of the circles.

Christmas memory game
Tape the cutouts to the bottom of the Hershey’s Kisses.

Don’t these look so festive! (I had a hard time refraining from eating them . . .)

Play this Christmas memory game with Hershey's Kisses.

I set the kisses bottom side down.

Then, we played a regular memory game. The grandkids took turns turning over the kisses to see if they had a match. If they got a match, they got to keep — and eat — their kisses.

Playing the Christmas memory game.

Sometimes they weren’t too happy when they didn’t get a match!
Playing the Christmas memory game.

I learned a little bit from doing this activity with the grandkids. I thought that I would share my wisdom with you.

I set out all of the kisses for the game at one time. This frustrated my young little grandkids. Next time, I would only put out a small amount for them to work with. That way, they wouldn’t go turn after turn after turn without getting a match. (Use could use more kisses for older grandchildren.)

Next, if parents are helping, make sure that there are extra kisses for them to enjoy. (Read that to mean EAT!)

It’s also a good idea to have a fek Kisses on hand for the grandkids to eat in the event that they go a long time without getting a match.

When I was cutting out the Christmas designs, it took a long time to cut out each circle. Since I’m a lazy bugger, I cut them out in the shape of a square. That went much faster.

Bon appétit! Er . . . I mean have fun playing this game with your family!

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