How to Cut Snowflakes

Here is a video showing how to cut 6-sided snowflakes.When I was a freshman in college (back in the Mesozoic era), there were two things that I learned that I have used throughout my life.

Did I remember anything from zoology? US History?

I didn’t take much in my brain out the door of the classroom from those subjects.

However, the two things that I learned — whistling with my fingers and cutting a six sided snowflake — have been used over and over and over!

Cutting snowflakes is a fun activity to do with your grandchildren. I’ve created a small movie to show you how to cut them so that they are pretty and lacy. The secret is in how you fold your paper.

Pay close attention to the video. Then practice folding and cutting the paper.

When you feel that you can properly do the folding, invite your grandchildren for a snowflake cutting party. Cut stacks and stacks of snowflakes. Tape the snowflakes to your windows. Glue them to colorful pieces of construction paper. Send them home with your grandchildren to tape to their windows.

Here is an example of one of the snowflakes.

Watch this video to learn how to cut a 6-sided snowflake.

Here is the movie demonstrating how to fold and cut a snowflake.

After your paper is gone and your energy has dwindled, wrap up in a soft blanket with your grandchildren, sip hot chocolate, and read a story together.

4 thoughts on “How to Cut Snowflakes

  • DigiGram Post author

    Hi Jacqueline,
    How soon do you need it? I work full-time and I will be babysitting a grandson this evening so I wouldn’t be able to film anything today or tonight. Maybe at lunch I could create a pattern that you could follow. I’ll see if I can get that done.

  • Jacqueline

    Hi! Love your website. Can you show me a video with the heart shaped snowflake. I’m making a handmade card for my hubby! Thanks!!!

  • DigiGram Post author

    Glad that you can now add cutting snowflakes to your impressive skills! As for whistling, I think we did go to the same university. You just didn’t date the same fellow that I did . . .

  • Travelinoma

    I love this!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have never known how to cut snowflakes and I followed the video exactly and mine turned out! I’ve always wanted to learn to whistle with my fingers, too. I didn’t go to the right college, obviously.

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