Make a Gingerbread House with Your Grandchildren

There isn’t any better time of year than Christmas to establish fun traditions with your grandchildren.  And these fun traditions will strengthen and build good relationships – as long as Grandma doesn’t get stressed out thinking that everything has to be perfect!

Making gingerbread houses has been a Christmas tradition with my children that I would like to carry on with my grandchildren.  I’m including a pattern here for a simple gingerbread house, directions on making the gingerbread, the frosting, and constructing the house.

Here are two pictures of my son, Tyler, my daughter, Christi, and my niece, Emily, with their completed gingerbread houses.  These pictures were taken back in 1999 when the Y2K scare was high.  Notice on the back side of one of the houses (the picture of the back side of the houses and the back side of the kids!) that they drew ‘Y2K’ in frosting!

Making gingerbread houses.

Making gingerbread houses.

Being silly.

Being silly.

If you don’t have the time (or the desire) to make the gingerbread for your house, graham crackers will work just fine!  Use the frosting recipe (included in the directions) that I share with you here because it will harden and hold your house together – whether it’s graham cracker or gingerbread!

Here are the patterns:
Gingerbread House Recipe and Directions.
Gingerbread House front/back pattern,
Gingerbread House roof pattern,
Gingerbread House sides pattern

These patterns are PDF files that you can download, print, and then use to help you cut out your homemade gingerbread.

Have fun making a gingerbread house with the grandkids!

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7 thoughts on “Make a Gingerbread House with Your Grandchildren

  • Grandmother Wren

    Thank you for the Gingerbread house patterns!
    This year our church had a gingerbread house contest filled with creative houses and inspiring ideas. So inspiring that my grandaughter decided we should enter a house in next year’s contest.
    I’m afraid my talents don’t include gingerbread house making. Maybe your patterns will be just what I need to start me in the right direction!

  • DigiGram Post author


    I like your idea about decorating gingerbread men to save time. Great idea! I might have to start doing that with our grandson . . .

    How do you do a candy bar train?

  • denise

    We had slways done gingerbread houses as part of our family party but decided it took too much time. now we make gingerbread men. They are easier for the kids to take home and they like making a cookie to represent each family member. Sometimes we will use do the front of the gingerbread house as a giant cookie which is also easier to transport. Candy bar trains are a hit too!
    For the last 25 years we have made a different ornament of the year. We started when my own children were still young, then saved them as they grew older and then when they got married, they took them with them for their own tree. Now their children are amassing their own collection. This is also an ativity we do at the family party.

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