Leaf Wreath

Make this Thanksgiving leaf wreath with the kids. GrandmaIdeas.comLeaf wreath.

Leaf wreath.

Say THAT 10 times in a row.

What a tongue twister!

Making a leaf wreath is a great fall activity.

Great in September.

Great in October.

Or a great activity that your grandchildren can do while they are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be served.

Or, after Thanksgiving dinner to keep them from getting bored while you are cleaning up after your delicious meal.

And the cool thing is that it is inexpensive and easy to do.


Here is the leaf wreath pattern. It consists of an orange circle and fall colored leaves.

Simple, huh?

Print the orange circle on card stock paper so that it will be sturdy. You want sturdy.

Print a circle for each of your grandchildren.

Print the leaves on regular copy paper. The leaves do not need to be sturdy.

Have enough leaves so that there are at least 6-7 for each grandchild. Cut everything out.

Make this leaf wreath with grandkids.Have your grandchildren write on each leaf something that they are thankful for. If they aren’t old enough to write, you can do the writing for them.

Then, have them glue their leaves around the wreath.

They can glue on as many leaves that their little heart desires.

Make this leaf wreath with kids. Here’s what the finished wreaths look like.

Aren’t these the cutest little kiddos ever — especially the one that is peeking out from behind his wreath?

I sure think so!

I hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your family!


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  • Jann Olson

    Fun fall project! Love using leaves. One year when I was a boy scout leader we went on a walk and saved wreaths, dried them, and then they framed them. The boys had fun and their parents loved them as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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