I’ve Got Rhythm

The Rhythm Cup Game is challenging and fun for teens and adults to play.
When you know that your grandchildren are coming over for a visit, do you ever worry about what to do so that they aren’t bored? Especially the teenaged grandchildren?

It’s always a good idea to have several activities up your sleeve. Then, not only will they be happy, they will also look forward to visiting you again.

By doing fun things with your grandchildren, you are strengthening your relationship and building strong family bonds.

Here is a rhythm activity that is fun to do with grandchildren that are 9 or 10 years old and older. (You could even suggest YOUR kids play and have a three generation activity!) I suggest you practice the rhythm so that you know it really well and can then teach it to your grandchildren.

Since our grandson is only one month old, I coerced . . . . er . . . my children and nieces and nephews acquiesced playing the cup rhythm game last Thanksgiving so that I could film it and share it here on my site.

The Rhythm Game
Place a cup upside down on the table in front of you so that the opening is face down on the table. Clap your hands twice. Quickly tap the cup three times — once with your right hand, then your left, and once more with your right hand. Clap your hands. With your right hand, grab the cup and set it to the right side of you on the table.

Clap your hands once. Now comes the tricky part. Grab the cup with your right hand and bring it so the opening is up — facing the ceiling and not the table. Carefully watch the movie so you can see how the right hand is twisted so that the knuckles of the thumb and pointer finger are facing down toward the table. This allows you to grab the cup and bring it with the opening facing up. Slap the cup to the palm of your left hand. Then touch the cup down to the table top. But don’t let go of it!!

Quickly slap the cup to the palm of your left hand and transfer holding the cup to your left hand. Cross your right hand under your left hand and slap your right palm to your left on the table top.

Cross your left hand (that is holding the cup) over your right arm and place the cup upside down on the table in front of the person sitting to your right. Keep repeating the rhythm.

The rhythm should be steady as if you were counting one, two, three, four. Keep repeating the rhythm pattern until someone messes up. When someone makes a mistake, he is ‘out’ of the game. Play proceeds until there is only one person who has not made any mistakes. Then, start all over again and have everybody back in playing.

For older grandchildren, it is fun to start slowly and then gradually speed up the rhythm until they are going really fast – just like at the end of the movie clip.

While this activity might seem difficult at first, a little bit of practice will make it come easily to you. As you play it with your grandchildren, you will be having fun while strengthening your relationships and building memories that last!



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