Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

This photo scavenger hunt is a fun activity for tweens and teens! All they need is their cellphone. Free printables available. Sometimes it seems rather hard to find activities that your tween and teen grandchildren are interested in.

And, it seems like they are focused a lot on their cell phone.

Well! Tap into that interest and do an activity with them that REQUIRES them to use their cell phone.

Do a photo scavenger hunt with them where they use their cell phone (or yours) to take pictures.

This scavenger hunt is not meant to be a race to see who can get finished first. No siree, Bob! This activity is more about using common things for subjects but taking unusual pictures of them. And having fun, too.

This is how it works. You and your grandkids grab your cell phones and saunter outside. Take pictures of things on your list.

Let’s say that one item on your list is a purple flower. To make your picture unusual, take a picture of it up close. REALLY up close (a bug’s eye view). Think outside of the box of how to take a unique photo of it.

Other ideas for unusual shots include:

  • Put the item on the ground and you stand on a stool.
  • Try different angles with your phone.
  • Take a picture of the item’s backside/underneath side instead of the front.
  • Throw the item in the air and take a picture as it falls.
  • Take a picture of the item’s shadow.
  • Shoot straight up at an item.
  • Get down low. (Worm’s eye view!)
  • Take a picture of the item’s reflection in a mirror or window (without you being in the picture).
  • Take a picture of something reflecting on a pond or puddle of water. (If you don’t have a puddle nearby, make one! All the  more fun.)
  • Cut a hole in a piece of paper. Take the picture through the hole while capturing a little bit of the paper as a border.
  • Hold an empty picture frame up to your item to take its picture.

I bet your tween and teen grandkids could come with some of their own creative ways of taking pictures!

Now. What do you take pictures of? What about flowers?

This photo scavenger hunt is a fun activity for tweens and teens! All they need is their cellphone.

That’s so ordinary, don’t you think? Rather Plain Jane. While you could get stunning photos of flowers, why not take pictures of more unusual things such as:

  • Stop sign or stop light
  • Canoe
  • Butterfly
  • Veggies growing in your garden
  • Bicycle horn or basket
  • A wheel
  • A fork
  • Three balls of various sizes
  • A crack in the sidewalk
  • Tail light of a pickup
  • Someone blowing bubbles
  • A book
  • A rock
  • Romaine lettuce leaf
  • Something that has a pattern
  • A door knob

This photo scavenger hunt is a fun activity for tweens and teens! All they need is their cellphone.

You can make up your own list of things around your home and neighborhood. That way, you know that your grandchild would be able to take pictures of everything on the list.

Or you can use my photo scavenger hunt free printable.

The idea behind the scavenger hunt is to spend time with your older grandkids. And to have fun!

Also, it’s to see just how creative your pictures can be. The more out-of-the-box thinking they do (and you, too!), the better.

You could also do a photo walk with your grandkids or digital alphabet hunt. Tweens and teens would enjoy those activities, too.

When you are finished, fix some refreshing water punch to quench your thirst. For a treat, you could make hummus to serve with veggies and crackers or this super easy fruit dip to serve with fresh fruits.



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