Valentine in a Bottle

For an unusual valentine, make this valentine in a bottle. GrandmaIdeas.comRemember the chick flick Message in a Bottle that was based on a book by Nicholas Spark?

Where a woman found a message in a bottle that eventually led her to her true love?

Let’s apply that message-in-a-bottle theme to Valentine’s Day and create Valentine’s in a bottle with your grandchildren.

To make this Valentine, you will need an empty water bottle, Valentine stickers, Valentine candy, pink or red paper, scissors, and marking pen.

Here’s my crew ready and waiting to make their Valentines. (Please don’t notice the black eye that somehow little Elliot got on his left eye at our house today. And please, please PLEASE do not tell his mother and father about said black eye. I disavow all knowledge of any black eye and how it happened.)

Gather your materials.

Now. Cut out a heart from your pink paper. Write a simple Valentine’s Day greeting. Decorate it with Valentine stickers.valentine4
Put some Valentine candy in your bottle. It’s okay if some of it ends up in your grandkids’ mouths. That fallout is to be expected.
Roll up your Valentine and slip it into your bottle. Screw on the lid. And your Valentine is already for you to give away!valentine9


For an unusual valentine, make this valentine in a bottle.

If your grandchildren live far away, you can pop some of these Valentine’s in the mail and send them to the grandkiddos. It will make their day!

(NOTE: next time I make these, I would put a rubber band around the Valentine so it would be easier to get it out of the bottle. And, I wouldn’t use card stock paper. It is too stiff.)

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