This pumpkin painted jar was featured at Party in Your PJs link party.
I love technology. It makes me giddy. So, when Apple announced that a new iPhone would come out this month, I eagerly pre-ordered one. It came yesterday. I got it set up for accessing my work e-mail. Later in the afternoon, I made a call. Or more correctly, tried to. […]

Party in Your PJs #125

"These monster pop-ups are super easy to make. Free printable.
Do you remember the animal pop-up pals that we make a while ago? My grandkids went crazy and made a bazillion of them. Well, after I made the monster bingo last week, I couldn’t get those little critters out of my mind. I thought they were so cute. What else could […]

Monster Pop-Ups

Get a free printable for monster bingo. Great for family activities!
This is the time of year when monsters start popping out all over the place. (Cue spooky music.) Little munchkin monsters are terrific! I love them! Two years ago, I shared a Halloween bingo that I used at our family Halloween party. At that time, most of the grandkids were quite […]

Free Printable Monster Bingo

This free fall printable was featured at Party in Your PJs link party.
It’s that time of week again — time for our link party! It’s the best time of the week, don’t you think? Does time seem to fly by for you, Dear Readers? It does for me. It’s like it’s flying at Mac 5 speed. We need to pause a moment […]

Party in Your PJs #124

Make these simple bookmarks with your sons. They'll have fun making them.
Consider these startling statistics from Two-thirds of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of the 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare. One in four children in America grow up without learning how to read. Students who don’t read proficiently by the 3rd grade […]

A Book and Some Bookmarks

This mummy candle was featured at Party in Your PJs.
Once again it’s time for our link party! I’ve noticed several things since I’ve joined with the other hosts for Party in Your PJs. First, everyone shares such amazing ideas! I’m impressed at all of the creative things you are doing. I’m impressed with all of you foodies out there! […]

Party in Your PJs #123

Kids love eating and making these fun Jell-O rollups!
This time of year is a great time for fall crafts. (Obviously!) Like making these glitter leaves. Or a leaf wreath. Or, a fall leaf painting with Q-tips. Or stained glass votives. Doing these fall crafts just BEGS to have an accompanying fall treat, doesn’t it? I thought so, too. Something that reflects […]

Jolly Jell-O Roll-Ups

Check out these 4 fun photo scavenger hunts. Free printables.
I love photo scavenger hunts. For four reasons. First. They are a good way to have bonding time with the grandkids. It’s not your usual kind of activity that the grandkiddos do at grandma’s house. Unique is good. They have wide appeal to tween and teen grandkids. And, best of […]

More Photo Scavenger Hunts

This nail art was featured at Party in Your PJs link party.
How was your Labor Day weekend? In the past, we have focused on ‘laboring’ around the yard. This year, I neglected the yard and labored in different ways. I helped my mother as she got new carpet in her home. I quilted. I finished the border on the next quilt […]

Party in Your PJs #122