Halloween Party Ideas

pumpkinHalloween’s a-comin’. What have you got brewed up for your Halloween party with the grandkids?

Need some ideas Try these!

I Have a Little Vampire
When you were young, did you ever play the game I Have a Little Doggie and He Won’t Bite You? (We played that at our family reunion on Labor Day weekend and the kiddos loved it!)

Change it to ‘vampire’ instead of dog for your Halloween party.

Don’t know how to play the game? Here’s how. It’s simple.

Have the grandkids sit in a circle on the floor. Choose someone to be It. Give It a hanky or a bandana. It walks around the circle saying, “I have a little vampire and he won’t bit you, and he won’t bit you . . .” As she says ‘won’t bit you,’ she taps one of the kids on the shoulder with the hanky.

She keeps walking around the circle saying the phrase. Then, she says, “But it will bite you!” She drops the hanky on the ground behind one of the kids and runs around the circle.

The person picks up the hanky and chases after It. The person who is It runs around the circle and then sits down in the spot left empty before the person chasing her can tag her. If she isn’t tagged, the other person is now it.

Play continues  until children get tired of playing the game. (Which could take quite some time!)

You could also do a Skeleton Scavenger Hunt or play the Spooky Memory Game or the Skeleton Game.

Or you could play the Dice Game or Zilch.

For treats, you could make Witchy Fingers, Monster Eyeballs, or chocolate spider legs. They are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Grandma’s Book Club

Want to help your grandchildren foster a love for reading? Why not create a Grandma’s Book Club? Tell your grandchildren that after they read 10 books they will get a prize from you.

Depending on the age of your grandchildren and their reading capabilities, you could have them read less or more books. Do what you think would work best for your grandchildren.

The prize could be a pizza supper with grandma, a book of their choice, going to a movie with grandma, having a sleepover at grandma’s, or a picnic in the park with grandma. Be creative and come up with something personalized that would appeal to your grandchild.

I created three printables that you could use to help your grandchildren keep track of how many books they have read. Feel free to use them. (Click on them to get the full-sized one to print.) Or, you could create your own book club card. Whatever.

Grandma's Book Club reading chart

Grandma's Book Club reading chart

Grandma's Book Club reading chart

Here is a list of books for elementary-aged grandchildren (both boys and girls) that I think they would enjoy. (Our kids really liked them.)

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
Holes by Louis SacharThe Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks by E. Lockhart
Liaaie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary Schmidt
Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt
First Boy by Gary Schmidt
Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale
The Summer of Hammers and Angels by Shannon Wiersbitzky
Crispen: The Cross of Lead by Avi
Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff
Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Indian in the Cupboard series by Lynne Reid Banks
The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman
Hatchet by Gary Paulson
Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary
Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

You could check out the list of Newbery Award winners for ideas of other books to read. They are great books — I have yet to be disappointed by anything on that list.

If at all possible, read the book that your grandchild is reading. That way, you could have a discussion about the book with your grandchild. (I’ve read all of the books on this list and can vouch that you would like them, too!)

Happy reading!



Free Coloring Printables

the-two-friendsThere’s just something about coloring with crayons that speaks to my soul. Even today. (Does that mean I’m still a kid at heart? That’s what I’d like to think . . . )

It speaks to children’s souls, too.

Do your grandchildren enjoy the movie Toy Story? If so, they might enjoy coloring some of these free printable pictures. Color these 20 major characters from the show.

Does your grandson love Superman? Here are 20 Superman printables. How about Monster’s Inc. coloring pages, Cars, and Up?

Does your granddaughter love the movie Tangled? Print up some pages from that movie. Oh, and you can’t forget Frozen coloring pages!

Go to your dollar store and get a pack of crayons for each grandchild. (Let them take home their new crayons. Grandkids LOVE getting boxes of new ones!)

Set up a play date and have your grandchildren come to your home for a coloring fest. Color to your heart’s content.

When you are finished, make and eat some of these crayon cookies. Yum!

(You might want to print some of these pages up and send them along with the crayons to your little darlings that live far away from you. Just sayin’ . . . )

Connect With Distant Grandchildren Using Postcards

Tahiti_postcardWhen we travel, I like to send postcards to the grandkids — even when I know the kiddos won’t get them until 5-6 weeks later. Go foreign mail services!!

I keep sending them because grandkids love to get mail.

Even if you don’t travel, you can still do some fun things with postcards to connect with those cutie pies who live so far away.

First.  Either buy some postcards of your locale or make your own. Then, send one with a joke on it. Send the second one with the answer to the joke.

You could send a scrambled message for them to decipher on one postcard and then send another card with the answer.

Or, you can send one with a question like “What will we do when you come for Thanksgiving?” and then send the answer on the second postcard.

Another idea is to send a “Did You Know” postcard. You could share something from your childhood or something about your grandchild’s parent. Or you could write a fun fact about a topic you think might be of interest to your grandchild.

You could create a bunch of postcards by cutting up card stock into postcard size. Self-address it and put stamps on them. Write different things on the back side such as “Draw a picture of something fun you did today” or “Tell me what you are going to be for Halloween” or “Draw something that starts with the letter D.”

You could also make up the beginning of a story and send it on the back of a postcard. Have your granchild write the ending of the story on a self-addressed stamped postcard that you have previously sent her.

You could also send an easy-to-make recipe like the 3 Ingredient Cake Batter Milkshake or the Cake-in-a-Cup recipe or creepy Halloween treats.

Have you done something fun with postcards to connect with your faraway grandkids?