Grandma Ideas Link Party 37

My granddaughter giggled and giggled while making play dough out of shaving cream and corn starch.My daughter and her family stayed with us over the weekend. Wahoo! This gave me lots of time to do lots of activities with my granddaughters.

I had seen a recipe on the Internet for play dough made out of shaving cream and corn starch. I thought we’d give it a try.

My granddaughter giggled and giggled and giggled as she mixed the corn starch in the shaving cream. (She loved how the shaving cream felt!) I love her giggles.

Sad to say, I was’t impressed with this recipe. It didn’t turn out as good as the dough I made with my grandsons using hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. Oh well. The experience was great fun even if the play dough didn’t turn out so great. Continue reading

Grandma Ideas Link Party 36

Our carpet is being re-stretched so our house is all in a jumble.We needed to have the carpet re-stretched in two of our bedrooms and the hallway.

That means we had to take everything out of those rooms.

Which means everything has to be stashed in other rooms.

Which means here are the guts of my office. Laying on the floor of my exercise room.

It’s just a tad tricky to do things on the computer. (Am I worried that I can’t exercise? Not at all!)

The carpet has been fixed. Now, I need to put everything back into place. Sigh . . . Continue reading

Yet Another Dice Game

Kids of all ages enjoy playing this dice game called War! It's super, super easy to learn.Raise your hand if you like playing dice games.

Thank you. I love playing them, too.

While I was growing up, Yahtzee was a favorite game that our family played. We’d play for hours on a lazy hot summer afternoon.

My sister and I also played the card game War. Have you?

So I’m thinking, “Why not play war using dice instead of cards?”

Why not, indeed!

Here’s how you can play War using dice. Continue reading

Grandma Ideas Link Party 35

This lovely pink bike is by a lovely jewelry store in Cape May, New Jersey. Cape May has a lovely walking street district with wonderful stores and sites to see.Earlier this summer after I went to a conference in Philadelphia, my husband and I explored New Jersey. We spent some time in Cape May.

What a delightful city! It has a section that is walking-only. No motorized vehicles allowed!

I loved exploring there. There were such interesting shops and sites to see. I fell in love with this pink bike in front of a pink home with pink flowers in front of it. Charming, indeed! If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend you stop in and spend a while in this wonderful city. Continue reading

Edible Art

Edible art is a sure fire kid-pleasing activity to do -- and then eat!I’m not an artist. If I drew a stick figure it would be immediately rushed to the emergency room for life saving efforts.

However, it doesn’t matter what type of an artist you are when you do edible art. ALL artistic efforts are acceptable — and edible!

The idea behind this art activity is to have fun ‘painting,’ to see how your painting turns out once it’s toasted, and then enjoy to eating your creation.

And the best part is that you probably already have all of the necessary supplies. You probably won’t need to purchase anything. Simply gather your supplies and your  grandchildren in your kitchen and have at it. Continue reading