Grandma Ideas Link Party 23

Happy 4th of July everybody. May you have a safe and joyous holiday celebration.Saturday is the 4th of July.

I love that holiday! I love flying the flag of the United States, parades (and especially marching bands), picnics, and spending time with family and friends.

Oh, and watermelon.

Somehow I always connect the 4th of July with watermelon. (Is that because we always seem to have it at our family parties?)

I hope that you will have a safe and joyous celebration this weekend!

No, without further ado, let’s party!! Continue reading

Easiest Ever Donuts

These donuts are SUPER easy to make. Make them with your kids -- they will love them!(Note: this is a guest post by Heidi Johnson.)

My mom has long passed on but I have great memories of her making wonderful treats for me and my brother. One of those special yummy treats were homemade donuts.

My mom didn’t drive so we didn’t run out someplace every time she wanted something.  She was a master at using what she already had in the house.

One of my favorites that I made for my kids — and now for my grandkids — are Super Easy Donuts! Continue reading

Easy Mod Podge Alphabet Magnets

These mod podge alphabet magnets are easy to make -- and tween and teen girls really love them!Remember the summer reading challenge that I wrote about a week-and-a-half ago?

I’ve got a ‘companion’ craft that goes along with it. Your tween and teen-aged granddaughters will really enjoy making it.

I call it my easy-cheap-quick-Mod-Podge-alphabet-magnets-that-your-tween-or-teen-granddaughters-will-love-to-craft craft. . . or Mod Podge alphabet magnets for short. :-)

They are easy and inexpensive to make. You can be finished in 15 minutes or less (depending on how many letters you make). Continue reading

Grandma Ideas Link Party 22

My grandson playing in the water at a local splash pad.Before I get to my link up party, I want to share a picture of one of my stinkin’ cute grandchildren.

Our family went to a local splash pad so the grandkids could play in the water on such a hot day.

We had a picnic afterwards. Great fun!

I snapped this picture of our grandson jumping in the water.

Can you see his face? Isn’t he precious? It’s amazing how sweet these little blokes are. I love them to pieces!

(I also love how I captured some of the water in individual droplets. Pretty cool picture, even if I do say so myself.)

Okay. Now I’m ready for the link party. Are you? Let’s begin! Continue reading

Keep Kids Busy with Stop Motion Animation Movies

Making stop motions videos can keep kids busy and happy for a long time.A dinosaur has captured the princess and is keeping her captive in his lair. (Do dinosaurs have lairs???)

Who will save the fair damsel?

Golden Boy, that’s who!

He climbs aboard a fast moving train and holds on for dear life.

When the train nears the lair, Golden Boy jumps from the train and stealthily closes in. He takes the dinosaur by surprise, beats him senseless, and saves the princess. Yay! Continue reading

Balloon People

Kids love making balloon people! They are easy and quick.Kids love balloons.

There’s just something about them that speaks to grandkids’ love of fun. (Even old geezers like me enjoy them — referring to both balloons and grandkids!)


If you’re looking for something for the grandkiddos to do during the summer, have them make a flock of balloon people!

They’re easy to make. They’re cheap. And, you can make lots of them in mere minutes. Continue reading