Logic Puzzles for Tweens and Teens

Have your teens and tweens try these logic puzzles. The puzzles are great -- and challenge their thinking!I recently read an article that talked about the skills that people will need to get jobs in today’s world.

Gone are the skills that were needed when we were in school (memorizing dates, facts, etc.)

In today’s job market, employees need to be able to think, to be creative, to work as a member of a team.

My last post (the creative problem challenge) is something that you can do with your grandchildren to help them expand and grow their creativity.

Today, I have something for you to do with your grandchildren that will help them with their logic. (AND it could help keep your synapses agile to ward off Alzheimer’s!)

Today I bring  you logic puzzles! Continue reading

Grandma Ideas Link Party 27

Jeeping in Moab, Utah, is a great family activity. A while back, we went Jeeping in Moab.

(Yes, we take the noun ‘Jeep’ and turn it into an action verb!)

On one of the Jeep rides, we went on the trail called Elephant Hill. There is one spot that is called the narrows.

From this picture, can you tell why they might call it that?

We made it through with nary a problem. But our friend was driving a Hummer 2. It took him 15 minutes to work his way through the narrows. (He had 1 inch to spare on the sides…) Continue reading

Creative Thinking Challenge for Tweens and Teens

Tweens and teens will really enjoy doing this creatvity thinking game. It's challenging!Sometimes it seems that I write more about activities and games for young grandchildren.

(Whaddy mean, sometimes?!?)

Okay, okay. A lot of the time.

To change that, I have made this creative thinking activity for those tween and teen-aged grandchildren.

This stretches their thinking skills. It challenges their creativity. I think that they will have lots of fun playing this challenge with you. Continue reading

I Am Happy

I am Happy is a simple, easy, and fun meditation for kids and adults. Try it!When I hear the word meditation, I picture someone sitting crossed-legged, eyes closed, their middle fingers touching thumbs and their hand resting on their knees.

Oh, and they are saying ‘ooohhhmmmm’ in a low humming.

What do you picture?

Does meditation conjure up a picture of someone singing?  Especially a child?

No? Me neither.

That is not until I visited my sister and saw her grandkids do a meditation song. Continue reading

Grandma Ideas Link Party 26

Sunrise near Salem, Utah.Before I get to my link party, I want to share a picture of a sunrise that I took on my morning walk a while back.

I love the little valley that we live in.

I love the nearby mountains.

I love walking at sunrise in the summer. Isn’t the world beautiful?

I encourage you to stop for a moment, look out your window, and enjoy the beauty around you. Continue reading

7 Great Kid-Pleasing Activities

Here are 7 kid-pleasing activities that will keep kids busy and happy.You’ve seen those round-ups where there are 125 fun activities for kids, haven’t you?

Now let’s be honest. Do you read all 125 ideas?

Not even!

When there are that many choices, I get overwhelmed. Even half that many ideas make me want to chew my fingernails to the quick.

But 7 ideas!

Now that’s a number that speaks to my soul.

So, I thought that I would do a roundup of 7 kid-pleasing activities. (It won’t take you half a millennia to read through them. Which is good because I’m sure you’d rather be doing things with your grandkids rather than just reading about the activities!)

Let’s get started with the magnificent 7.

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