Party in Your PJs #83

Party in your PJs is a Tuesday evening link party that starts at 7:00 p.m. (Mountain time) through Sunday night at midnight. Come and join in the fun!Saturday, my husband and I went with a couple of our grandchildren to The Peanuts Movie.

It’s the first Peanuts feature film in 35 years and commemorates the 65th anniversary of the comic strip and 50th anniversary of the TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas.

It was a sweet movie and we all enjoyed it. I think that you’d enjoy it, too.

And, I must say that I was AMAZED at how much popcorn my grankids could eat. They were almost bottomless pits! Continue reading

Thankful Turkey

Whip up this simple little thankful turkey in mere minutes and then use it to list the things you are thankful for.If you dropped by my link party this week, you will have seen this colorful turkey craft by Mindie from her Born Again Farm Girl site.

It spoke to my heart and said, “Make this craft with your grandchildren. Like — SOON!”

So, I did. But I modified it a wee bit to make it a wee bit easier for my young granddaughter to make. Continue reading

National Game and Puzzle Week

National Game and Puzzle Week is the week of Thanksgiving. Celebrate it by playing games or putting puzzles together with your family.Word on the street has it that the week of Thanksgiving is National Game and Puzzle Week.

How did you find that out? you ask.

By reading the AARP magazine. (Sheesh! What does that say about me if that’s my reading material, eh?)

My all-time favorite game is Boggle. Love, love that game! Spoons is right next to Boggle.

Well, this is a wonderful national holiday to celebrate with your family. Good times and great memories can be had by all.

I thought that I would share the games that I have written about. That way, you’ll have a plethora to choose from as you gather as a family for Thanksgiving. Continue reading