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Saturday, I had our family Halloween party. It was so much fun! We played musical pumpkins. Ate candy corn from my Frankenstein jar. Made monster mouth puppets. (You’ll see them later this week). Played the Halloween dice games. And did the flying ghost activity that we did a couple of […]

Party in Your PJs #128

A Frankenstein jar is an easy-to-do Halloween craft.
Are you looking for a super easy craft that you can make with your grandchildren? Something that can be completed in less than half-an-hour? Something that can have multiple uses? Something that is different from witches, pumpkins, and ghosts? This Frankenstein jar is just the thing! It takes minimal supplies […]

Frankenstein Jar

Do you remember back in March that I shared with you the musical shamrock activity that we did with our grandkids? They really enjoyed that activity. “Well,” I thought, “if they like that activity so much why not do a similar activity for Halloween? Only do musical pumpkins instead?” Musical […]

Musical Pumpkins

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The weather has been so lovely lately. So fall like. Not too hot. Not cold. Just right. A sweater in the morning is nice but by afternoon is shirt-sleeve weather. We chatted today with some friends who live near Calgary, Canada. They have already had 2 snowstorms. Today, their roads […]

Party in Your PJs #127

These Halloween dice games are perfect for your family party. Easy and inexpensive!
We are going to have a family Halloween party on Saturday. We will play these Halloween dice games. They are super easy to prepare for and inexpensive to make. That’s right up my alley! There are several sets of these games. There is this cute little Frankenstein, a pumpkin, a […]

Halloween Dice Games

The Sight Words app for the iPad or iPhone is a great way for kids to practice and learn their reading site words.
(Note: I did not receive any remuneration for reviewing this app.) My three oldest grandchildren are now in school and are learning to read. As part of that, they have to learn sight words. Much of that learning is not-so-thrilling rote learning. Sight words. Sight work. Ugh! There’s only so […]

Help Children Learn Sight Words

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The weather has changed dramatically this week. Gone are the 80 degree temperatures. (Sigh . . .) It was 36 degrees when I left for work this morning. Temperatures will be in the high 50s. This weekend it might, just might, hit 70. I’m pulling out my sweaters and jackets and putting […]

Party in Your PJs #126

Spot It is a fast-paced card game for ages 7+ that kids love to play! It's easy to learn and comes with several variations.
(NOTE: I was not paid to write about this game nor did I receive a free game for review.) When our kids were growing up, our family loved to play games! Spoons is a family favorite — especially playing it with cousins. Panic was another favorite as was Pit. We spent […]

Spot It — A Great Game for Kids

Welcome to the Word of the Day where people are encouraged to improve their vocabulary by learning these great and fun words!
I believe that today’s word of the day will be very useful — and one that will especially appeal to tween and teenage boys. The word is eructate. Eructate (i-ruhk-teyt) is a verb that means to belch. Eructate doesn’t refer to a quiet burping where a person daintily puts a […]

Word of the Day: Eructate