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After tomorrow it’s Thanksgiving! I am eagerly looking forward toward spending time with my mom, sister, kids, and grandkids! It will be a small gathering — just 10 of us. (In the past I’ve had 35 people over for Thanksgiving dinner!) I LOVE mashed potatoes and gravy. And turkey. And […]

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elephant book coupon code and giveaway
Coupon Code and Giveaway for My Readers! Remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Elephant books and their monthly book subscription? And told you how smitten I was with the books I received?  Those wonderful folks at Elephant Books are letting me offer you two terrific deals! First, […]

Coupon Code and Giveaway

Here are free printables for family trees. They're clever and appealing!
(Note: This is a guest post by Sherry Chen.) When it comes to family, no one is the same. Near or far, big or small, families are the ones you share many memories with and the ones who know you better than anyone. Celebrate your family history by creating a […]

Creative Family Trees and Free Printables

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Do you realize that Thanksgiving will be here in a little over a week? Gulp! Somehow, it still feels like it will be in the nebulous future. Sometime not soon. Like I really won’t have to think about it until oh say in 3-4 weeks. How did it sneak up […]

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Paper Poppits are a fun, modern version of paper dolls. Girls will absolutely love them!
(NOTE: I was given a free Paper Poppet set to review but my opinions are my own. See the special at the end of my post.) When I was little, my parents subscribed to a children’s magazine. Every once in a while, the magazine would have a page with a […]

Paper Poppets — Such Delightful Paper Dolls

A Parent's Guide to Teen Addiction by Laurence Westreich is a great resource for parents.
(Note: I was given a free copy of this book to review but all opinions are my own.) A yearly study has been done since 1975 monitoring drug and alcohol use by high school students. The study shows that the top three substances used by high school students are alcohol, […]

A Parent’s Guide to Teen Addiction Book Review

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I live out in the county where houses are not close together. That means that on Halloween night parents have to drive their children around if they want to come to our house for trick or treating. When our children were young, that’s what parents did. Now, families in our […]

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Elephant Books is a book club for kids that provides an excellent quality of books.
(NOTE: I was given a subscription package from Elephant Books for review but my opinions are my own.) You need to know a teeny bit about me. First, my favorite animal is the elephant. (We’re soul sisters — large, gray, and wrinkly!) Second, I love, love, love to read. Third, […]

Elephant Books –a Bookclub for Kids

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Happy Halloween, everybody! Got great plans for the day? (I headed up to Salt Lake City this morning to get my longarm quilting machine back from the repair shop . . . not exactly a Halloween activity but I’ll be glad to get it back!) Will your grandkids be coming […]

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