Play This Challenging Korean Game

Earlier this week, Gold spray paint jazzes up lots of craft and DIY projectsI wrote about my fun experience using gold spray paint.

Since then, I’ve got a couple more ideas percolating on the back burner that I want to do and share with you. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do them sometime next week. Stay tuned.

It also got me thinking about a Korean game that I recently learned about. The game uses rocks.

Of course I couldn’t use plain, ordinary rock-colored rocks, now could I? No siree, Bob!

So, out came my can of gold spray paint!

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Grandma Ideas Link Party 13

Today’s party is the lucky number 13!Come add a link of two at Grandma Ideas Sharing Time Link Party.I love that number — that’s the day I was born. And I have especially loved celebrating it on Friday the 13! That’s a pretty cool birthday in my book.

I hope that today’s link party will be lucky for you, Dear Readers.

I hope something will be shared that you will love or that you will really benefit from.

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Cowabunga! IThese bookends that were spraypainted gold are much prettier than the old-fashioned green color.‘ve discovered gold!

Not the gold as in the rush-to-Sutter’s-Mill-in-California-to-get-rich from back in the mid-1800s. Nope. Not that kind.

My kind of gold is much easier to get. Less work. Less stress.

It’s metallic gold spray paint! Gold spray paint — where have you been all my life?

(As a side note, I got my paint at Wal-Mart and it was 1/3 the price of any in a hobby store. Same brand — Krylon Metallic Gold —  but much cheaper. Cheap is good . . .) Continue reading

Grandma Ideas Link Party 12

Yesterday morning, Come add a link of two at Grandma Ideas Sharing Time Link Party. the weather was pleasant.Mid-50s. Felt like spring. By evening, about an inch of snow had fallen. I just wanted to snuggle in my warm, fuzzy blanket that my daughter gave me for my birthday, sip hot cocoa, and read a good book.

While our pine trees looked gorgeous and Christmas-card beautiful and while we so desperately need the moisture, couldn’t it just snow in the mountains and rain in the valley?

That would work, wouldn’t it?

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