A New Granddaughter!

Our newest little granddaughter has joined our family! Mother and baby are doing fine. Even Grandma is doing fine — now that she’s had a chance to hold and snuggle with her.

I just have to share because I am so excited! That makes four granddaughters and four grandsons. They are such blessings in our lives.

She’s such a doll. Don’t you agree? (And don’t you love her hair!)


Create Simple Memory Books

Sometimes grandmothers think that they have to do ‘big’ productions with their grandchildren — make coordinating decorations that match napkins that match paper plates that match a craft that match their outfit they are wearing . . .

Sometimes, simple things are just as powerful and meaningful to the grandkids.

For example, two years ago when I babysat our grandkids when their little brother was born, I made a little booklet of the pictures I had taken during their stay. About a year later when I visited, my grandson pulled out his booklet, brought it to me, and read it out loud. While there was a little wear and tear on it, it was still in remarkable condition considering it was simply made out of paper and cardstock. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive.

I created more books for the grandkids to help them remember our family reunion that we had this summer. I made a book for Spencer . . .

Spencer's boo

. . . and for Kaylissa . . .

Kaylissa's book

. . . and Xander . . .

Xander's book

Here’s what the finish ones looked like.

They aren’t elaborate — nor are they difficult to make. But the grandkids sure loved them. And that warmed the cockles of my heart!

When you have an activity with your grandchildren, snap some photos. Then, print them up on your home printer. Make a cover out of cardstock and then staple your book together. Voila! Your book is finished.

Sit down with the grandkiddos and have them read their book. Serve with lots of hugs and top it off with kisses.

Guaranteed to strengthen your relationship with your grandchildren!

Hot, Hot, Hotter Shoes

I am such a happy camper!

Why? you ask.

Because I have the best. Ever. Sandals.

They are SO comfortable. And nary a problem as I walked and walked and walked in them throughout the summer. Oh, and did I tell you that I walked lots in them? Lots!

This summer has been a busy one for my feet. They have walked many miles. I needed footwear that would be comfortable and not cause sores or blisters. Hotter shoes to the rescue!

I have been tickled pink (and purple, and red and yellow and orange and all of the other colors found in a Crayola crayon box) with the sandals I got from Hotter Shoes. From the get go, they were comfortable and never cause my feet one moment of grief. I am SO glad.

My Hotter sandals took me all over the Dominican Republic.

Together, we explored the park of Three Eyes of Water . . .

Hotter Shoes

. . . went to the Alcazar de Colon, Parque de Colon, National Pantheon, and the Museum of Royal Houses.

By the end of the day, my body was tired but my feet weren’t! Three cheers for my Hotter sandals!

Hotter Shoes

I played in the ocean — sans sandals of course . . .

Hotter Shoes

. . . enjoyed the lovely grounds at our hotel . . .

Hotter Shoes

. . . and the beach chairs.

Hotter Shoes

Back in the United States, my fabulous Hotter sandals took me all over the South. To Atlanta (with my new BFF) . . .

Hotter Shoes

. . . and to a conference where I walked amid the thousands of exhibits and classes.

To Boone Hall, Jonesboro (to see the Tara Museum with Gone with the Wind memorabilia), Savannah, Charleston, Hilton Head, Tybee Island, and to Madison, Georgia to celebrate the 4th of July.

To Myrtle Beach . . .

Hotter Shoes

. . . to Fort Sumter. . .

Hotter Shoes

. . . and up through Stone Mountain, Charlotte, North Carolina, and the Biltmore Castle.

My wonderful Hotter sandals and I closed the summer by taking in the plays at the outdoor Tuacahn Theater in Saint George, Utah.

Hotter Shoes

I am at the stage in my life where comfortable shoes are very important and Hotter shoes wonderfully fills that need. They are exceptionally comfortable! I can’t say enough good about just how comfortable Hotter shoes are! You can’t get a more comfortable shoe.

They are also very stylish. You won’t sacrifice style for comfort. You won’t look like a stodgy old grandma wearing them. Trust me. You’ll look hip. You’ll look cool.

And, they are very well made. My sandals look as good now as they did when I took them out of the box. I’ve spilled pop on them– which I didn’t notice until hours later. The pop wiped off and never left a trace. Through mud, grass, sand, and water, my sandals came out with flying colors and still look brand spankin’ new.

Dear Reader, I highly recommend Hotter shoes. I have been so pleased with mine that I’m sure you’ll be extremely happy with any pair you get from them.

They have over 85 new styles in their latest collection. They have a wide variety of shoes and boots in a wide variety of colors. And even slippers. (They look so cozy and warm!) They even have shoes for men. (So, encourage you husband to check them out, too!)

Zip over to their website and take a look to see what they have. I’m sure that you’ll find something that you’ll love as much as I love my Hotter sandals!

Rhythm Cup Game

Our family has spent many hours playing the rhythm cup game. Our kids have especially had fun playing with their cousins at family get togethers.

I thought we were doing pretty good to get between 10 to 15 people playing it all together. Then, I saw the following video. The word amazing doesn’t even come close to describing it!

YouTube Preview Image
They must have at least a hundred kids participating! They do such a fabulous job.

I love how they did the rhythm to a song. Isn’t it beautiful? I think that this would add a challenge to the game.

Keep this activity in mind. You could do it at a Halloween party with the grandkids. Or after you eat yourself silly on Thanksgiving Day. Or for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. Or just any ol’ plain time you want to.

Six years ago, I posted a directions and a video that showed how to do the Rhythm Cup game. In case you missed it, here it is. (You’ll notice that we like to go faster and faster. Then, when someone messes up, they are out. We keep going until there are just two people left.)