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I mentioned last week that we were traveling so that I wouldn’t have any features at that link party. Well. We have arrived at our destination — Panama City, Florida. Wahoo! That means we drove 1,965 miles! Wow. That’s lots of driving. But, we saw some wonderful sights and did […]

Party in Your PJs #192

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I retired at the first of September. As I thought about retirement, I thought about our Utah winters. Cold. Snow. Gray days. I decided that we needed to spend January and February someplace warmer. With sunshine. So that we could apricate (my favorite verb that means to bask in the […]

Party in Your PJs #191

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How is your January shaping up? Are you off to a rip-roaring start? I sure hope so! I love starting a new year. It gives me time to reflect on the previous one and to remember with fondness all of the good times I have had with our family, our […]

Party in Your PJs #190

Here are the top ten posts for 2017 on Grandma Ideas.
The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to look back and reflect on the previous year. Last year, we traveled to some lovely places — on our Caribbean cruise for instance. But our trip to Yellowstone was a bust. There was a blizzard (in the middle of […]

2017 Top Ten Posts